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Stair rails in turning

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In our house we have the stairs going upstairs with a balustrade. At some point the stair turns 90 degrees to start a new short section before arriving at first floor. On that section the balustrade is straight that means parallel to the floor, and not following the stairs. So the balustrade is a bit high to grab from the bottom of those 5-6 steps.

It's kind of hard to explain.. the stairs somehow go inside the first floor landing when they finish, instead of finishing when the landing start, if that even makes sense. That's why the balustrade is paralell to the floor, because that section of stairs has the floor to one of the sides.

Previously there were many wall handrails installed as a 102-year old was living here but we are thinking to remove them as we redecorate. Do you see any downturns?


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