Long Term debt on Clearscore

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I downloaded the Clearscore App not that long ago and have checked it every so often over the months.
However, i need some serious help understanding what's wrong and what i need to do to make things better.
Firstly, it says on the app that i have a "long term debt total of 9,781".. what could this possibly be for? and how can i find out? I purchased a car last year (not even a year ago) and am paying it off through finance every month (i havent missed a single payment it's worth adding)- could this be what the long standing debt is?
If not, and it's something scarier, how do i find out what the hell it is so i can start paying it off?
Secondly, it says in my Clearscore report that i am doing absolutely everything right with regards to being registered to vote and the following as copied and pasted below

Things you're doing well

  • You don't have any court judgements, bankruptcies or Individual Voluntary Arrangements

<li class="base--3XFXv bullet--9nlAJ" data-qa="bullet">You have no accounts in default or repossession<li class="base--3XFXv bullet--9nlAJ" data-qa="bullet">You've been on the electoral roll at your current address for a long time<li class="base--3XFXv bullet--9nlAJ" data-qa="bullet">You've made very few applications for credit in the past yearThe only downside apparently, is that i need to "increase my credit limit"
what does that mean i should do?
I've never had a credit card or taken out a loan or anything major.
The biggest thing i've had on finance is my car, and i've only had that for just under a year...
I just need to know what i have to do so i can do it and bump up my credit score, as i'm at the age now where the prospect of buying a house of my own is a very serious one- and that's hard enough as it is without the hassle of a bad credit rating! :(

Please help!!!

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  • Along the top of the Clearscore app, you have a row of tabs. Select the 'report' tab. Then open and explore all your different accounts as you should find your long-term debt in there (it'll probably be an account for the car finance).

    Edit: And welcome to the forum :)
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    On ClearScore, loans and finance are categorised in to one of two groups: long-term (i.e. regular payment timescales) and short-term (e.g. payday loans). It's probably the car finance.
    As for credit limit, that message is probably due not having any credit cards.
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    Good information.
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