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Vodafone Broadband & Compensation?

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
Hi all

Signed up with Vodafone broadband in June after moving from Sky. Purchased their Superfast2 product which states speeds of ~60mb download. Haven't received this at any point (and during a call they actually confirmed it was impossible to get this speed at my property, but still sold it to me, but anyway...), they offered me a 20% discount for the contract term which i accepted.

However in mid-July i did some further testing, every day for 2 weeks, and noticed i never received a download speed above 30mb, 30mb is what Vodafone state is the minimum guaranteed speed for my area. I told Vodafone about this, they sent an engineer out who did some tests, but the speed never improved. The engineer stated a fault on the line.

By this time it was mid-late July, and after the engineer failed to fix the issue i contacted Voda to cancel my contract outright and notified them that i wouldn't be paying any cancellation fees. Cut a long story short after many, many calls totalling hours of talk time they have waived the £160 cancellation fee.

However my question is, legally, do i have any right to compensation? they have now accepted the issue with my line and basically admitted they couldn't hold up their side of the contract. Am i due back the installation fee/ monthly fees i paid them?

Any advice would be welcome. And thank god this nightmare is nearly over..... i would say to avoid Vodafone but i think this issue was specific to my circumstance.



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