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Incident in cinema - thoughts welcome

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    Honeylife wrote: »
    The moment to bring this to the attention of management has gone. But if you do sent a complaint now it can be raised in a staff meeting. Young bar staff find it difficult to actual say "sorry cant serve you any more you have had enough"

    I went to the Barbican in London with my daughter aged 13 (at the time) for a concert. As I entered the hall to take my seat I stumbled and the drink in a cup in my hand spilled on the punter sitting at the end of the aisle seat. Just on the shoulder of his shirt. As he leapt out of his seat swearing very loudly, I instantly said "its only water", as I didn't want him to think it was red wine or some noxious alcohol that would he would smell of all night. He continued to swear at me as I was reaching into my bag for tissues. His companion was trying to get him to calm down pointing to my daughter remonstrating with him that there was a child present and repeating what I said - it was only water. He then called the usher over (she was already on her way over) and she was also trying to get him to lower his voice and restrain his language. We then had to get past him to get to our seats and for the first half he glared at us. I was very distressed as I had repeatedly apologised. At the interval the observant usher came over and asked me if I would like be moved, and she moved us to the other side of the auditorium. I was dreadfully upset by the whole incident. Collecting our coats at the end we met his companion and she apologised to me for his crude response especially in front of a child.

    I absolutely dread to think what it would have been like if that drink was actually alcohol. I never wore those shoes again as they clearly were unsuitable for highly polished floors.

    As far as your first point goes - that is indeed the best outcome and pretty much why we decided to let them know anyway.

    In my case, had this (a) just been water, and (b) been followed by an apology - as in your case - neither of us would have cared. Even if they guy had been apologetic, and acknowledged, it would have been fine.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards!
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