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How do I find out if waste water is included in flat maintainence charge?

Hi I am trying to find out if the waste water is included in the quarterly maintainence charge on a flat I am thinking of buying. The agents can't seem to confirm as they say that these questions need to be asked by my solicitor. As I haven't yet put in an offer and don't want to incurr charges from a solicitor at this stage how can I find out? How can I find out which water company deals with the waste, would they tell me if they get an individual payment from the current owner (who is now in a nursing home) or a payment from the block of flats? I am told that the owner was paying £7 per month, two bed flat living on his own and water meter installed, which I assume is for drinking water.


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    If it has a water meter you will normally be billed individually for both water and waste water(e.g. sewerage) and standing charges.

    If you call the water company for your area(you have no choice of company so ask a neighbour) they will give you details of what you would pay - they can't give you details of the previous occupant's bills - but they can say £x for water per cu mtr, £y for waste water per cu mtr and £z for standing charges.
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