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Subscription box item missing - company won't replace it

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    kittennose wrote: »
    One of my businesses is organic skin care products and we supply miniatures to a few of the beauty boxes; the rate of "missing items" is fairly high and almost always due to packing errors.

    I don't agree you're at fault for discarding the packaging, and I don't agree in canceling your subscription over one issue if it's something you obviously enjoy.

    Honestly the advice on here is baffling.

    I would ask to speak with someone more senior, preferably on the phone. And stress you want a replacement not a refund and that you have been a long-term customer.

    If it's one of the major beauty box companies I'd be surprised if you don't get through to someone with some common sense quite quickly.

    It won't cost them much, if anything, most manufacturers pay for their products to be part of subscription boxes not the other way around. It's advertising cost.

    Eight years a member suggests that the subscription is Glossybox.

    Complaining about a missing item mid-August suggests that the issue is with the August box.

    The August box is sold out.

    How would you suggest that they replace the missing item If they no longer have stock?

    Do you think it reasonable that the OP be compensated for the full RRP of £15 - more than they paid for the entire box?
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