Position redundant and job title change

Hi All, first post and feeling a but muddled.

On the 18th of July myself and my colleague had the dreaded meeting for voluntary redundancy. I work for the aviation industry as the Passenger Service Training Manager my colleague is the Aiside Training Manager. We were told of the normal 30 day period and also advised of the 1 position, the new position of Station Training Manager. Neither of us volunteered for redundancy but my colleague has bad health and has been off sick since Dec 18. I have been covering both our positions. The 31st of July was the date for our acceptance of VR. My colleague is still off sick so I had no idea if he went for it or not. I received a letter from my company last Thursday explaining what would happen next , info on my 1 to 1 meeting (which was today) and details of the new position again stating it was a manager position. I had until Monday to note my interest in the new position, which I did. Today I had my meeting and I feel I have been lead up the garden path. I have been a Manager with in the company since 2013, Duty Manager moving to Training Manager in 2016. They advised today that the position had changed to Training Coordinator and to not take any notice of the title. I feel extremely let down and I have worked hard to get where I am today. I have been proud of my title. I also have been told that my manager had a coffee with an ex colleague and mutual friend and told them about my situation saying I had said things when I hadn't and felt it was acceptable to discuss my situation with someone who is not involved. This was today before our meeting which would explain why he was a few minutes lates. I have worked with the company since 2007 and have worked through the ranks. Do you think this is acceptable and should I just suck it up and accept it.


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    You need to decide if it is a suitable alternative.

    Title is a minor satus element.

    If the job is basically the same, what you do, reporting responsibility, paygrade, conditions, locations etc it would be hard to argue it is not suitable because it does not have manager in the title.
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