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Radio Competitions Phone Call

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could clear up this question for me if possible.

A few of the more frequent radio station competitions end at 9am, at which time I am unavailable to take calls due to my work schedule.
Would it be a case of one attempt and then they'd move on to another caller, or would they try contacting you at a later date?

For example, take this competition HERE
The T&C's state the following:
"Entries across will be pooled together and within 1 day of the competition end date, one winner will be selected by electronic random draw. They will be contacted personally (as soon as possible and at least within 30 days of the end date) and announced on Absolute Radio as soon as possible after 09:00am on Friday 23rd August 2019."

But then it also states:
"By entering the Competition, you are automatically consenting to being called live on air at this time (where a call is not recorded off-air), and to having your name and location announced on-air."

The bold part is what is throwing me off slightly. Since I am unavailable at 9am and would be unable to answer, does it mean I'd have 30 days from the end date to be called on air? Or would it not be worth me entering the competitions where I would not be able to answer the phone at the time the competition ends?
Since the T&C's don't explicitly state that they will contact someone else, and from where it says "one winner will be selected".

I did a quick search and found this thread HERE, though the T&C's contained in the first link seem to be common to the radio competitions I see often on here, which I would like to enter.

Thanks in advance!


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    It varies a lot.

    Comps that require you to give an answer - you must answer the phone when called - usually within 5 rings. If you don't answer they will move straight on to another entrant or the prize will rollover for the next comp. The terms usually say when the call will be made and what they expect you to do.

    Those that don't require an answer - sometimes the calls must be answered when they phone, but in many cases they will call more than once, and the terms aren't always crystal clear. If in doubt, enter anyway.
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    I just thought it was a bit confusing how the T&C's seemed to contradict each other, at least in the way I interpret them.

    Thank you for clearing that up for me.
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