Ex employer owes me money

Good afternoon,

My ex employer closed the business and the last wages he paid to me he deducted me money that he shouldn t.I chase him after that and asked for the money and he told me the company is going to be insolvent and I have to wait for the insolvency company to contact me and pay me the money.Nobody contacted me so I called ACAS to ask advice.They tryed to mediate the situation but they couldn t so they adviced me to go to court.I did make a complain at tribunal and we got a hearing appointment in september.I checked the status of the company and now it s been dissolved since last week.
My question is what to do now.From what I read he got away with it and I can t get the money from him.Is there any reason to show up at the tribunal hearing or I m wasting my time and money?If I do a claim on the gov site for money owed, will it help?
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    Unless he was fraudulent in the manner in which he handled the company accounts, if the company is insolvent there is no money for you to claim. You could go to court and win but if the company has no money it cannot settle with you. The question is was the company really insolvent?
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    Have a look at this link and the RP1 factsheet it references:

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  • Yes he did apply for a strike-off and couple of months later we got a letter saying he has no assets and he s going to insolvency.The problem was he didn t tell us who the insolvency practitioner is so we couldn t get the CN nunber in order to claim money back on the gov site. That s why I did make a court complain.My question initialy was what s going to happen now if I show at the hearing? Do I spend my money and time for nothing if I still go at the hearing tribunal in september? What s going to happen there if the company is disolved.Thank u!
  • And also is there any way to find out CN number for the insolvency ?
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