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Starling Bank opinions...

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  • ColdIronColdIron Forumite
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    I used my Starling card for ATM withdrawals (CC for spending) last November up and down Vietnam and Thailand. No problem at all. I don't use it for day to day banking but the 0.50% interest is a nice touch

    I view Trustpilot and Facebook as unreliable sources of information and suggest you do the same
  • Paul_01Paul_01 Forumite
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    I have both personal and business accounts with Starling. No problems whatsoever. I use my personal account abroad for the fee free conversion, never had an issue.

    I would highly recommend.
  • Highland76Highland76 Forumite
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    Do Starling bank support still pick up the phone in the evenings or at busy times? Last time i had to call them, mid-week around 7pm (albeit a few months ago) I was put through an answer machine, asking me to leave a message. Doesn't sound very professional for a bank...
  • IvanDPIvanDP Forumite
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    From my personal experience, take your Starling card and don't worry.
    As others have said though, just take a back up just in case.
    (Starling used for purchases, ATM withdrawals and online transactions whilst on a 3 week trip across Russia with no issues whatsoever)
  • pramsay13pramsay13 Forumite
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    It's good practice to have more than one option anyway in case something goes wrong.

    I spent a year abroad and mainly used Starling.

    There were a few minor issues so I used either Monzo or Halifax Clarity.
  • vic09vic09 Forumite
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    I travel abroad a lot for work and I've used Starling several times in Paris and also in some Middle Eastern/African/North American countries. It's never been declined and I think the rates are fair. You should be fine.
  • anotheruseranotheruser Forumite
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    Just moved my current account to Starling after fun and games with the TSB app intermittently working.

    The only thing that kept me with TSB was the interest but as that's now dropped, I'd like to give Starling a go.
    It's only a holding account for salary though. I use my joint account for most purchases.
  • class2ldnclass2ldn Forumite
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    We are going to cape Verde in october so was looking at starling but we have a flexplus account with nationwide so I guess it makes sense just to use that as they charge no fees now?
  • Yellow_mangoYellow_mango Forumite
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    I used mine for a recent trip to France. It worked perfectly across a wide number of locations, outlets and cash machines. It was however declined for a couple of toll road transactions.

    I always carry a back up card (or several) regardless, so no problem.
  • carguy143carguy143 Forumite
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    Trustpilot is too one sided for my liking. Companies pay to be listed on there and they do anything and everything to artificially boost their ratings. For example I've worked in several companies and no matter how busy you are dealing with another customer, they expect you to drop everything for that poor one star review and insist you ask the customer to change it.

    I'd much rather stick to forums like this as a source of trustworthy, honest reviews but again I take it all with a pinch of salt.

    I only opened a Starling account on Saturday but the card arrived by Wednesday and has worked without issue. It's even accepted at Costco which is a nice bonus. I say this as Costco themselves say they only accept AMEX or Visa debit. Starling use Mastercard Debit.
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