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DLA & Uni

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carongcarong Forumite
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I am currently in receipt of a lifetime DLA award (and have been seriously keeping my head well below the PIP parapet 😉 ), which of course provides me with my car, amongst other things.

I am also in receipt of Housing & Council Tax Benefit and ESA.

I've been attending a local Creative Writing group for some years and would really like to go to Uni to do a Creative Writing and English degree. I only have a couple of years to squeeze in graduation before 60.

I know I'll lose all the other benefits and will have to apply for Student Finance, but will I lose the DLA? I was of the impression that the DLA was not connected to income. If I would lose it, I don't think I could make the numbers add up and wouldn't be able to go to Uni.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😊


  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    Does it have to be a uni you attend as Open University do PT degrees ;)
  • CISCIS Forumite
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    If you fall in to a qualifying course of education that qualifies for a council tax student disregard (or exemption) then you need to apply for that as it will replace the CTR. As an OU student you can still qualify as a student for council tax purposes (depending on how many hours you do).
    I no longer work in Council Tax Recovery but instead work as a specialist Council Tax paralegal assisting landlords and Council Tax payers with council tax disputes and valuation tribunals. My views are my own reading of the law and you should always check with the local authority in question.
  • carongcarong Forumite
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    The thing is, I don't want to study alone. I'm not the most self-disciplined individual! And it's not so much the degree as the whole Uni experience I'm after.
  • poppy12345poppy12345 Forumite
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    DLA isn't means tested which means that any student loan won't affect this. Do be aware though that you'll soon be invited to apply for PIP.

    For anything else then you should get some expert advise because students and benefits is a very complicated area and you'll most likely not get the correct answers on an internet forum.

    I'd advise you to give the students helpline a ring.
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    RainManUKRainManUK Forumite
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    PIP/DLA is not affected by student loans.

    ESA (income based - not contribution or new style) You will not lose this benefit as such - it will still run, but the payment will be fairly minimal, however your payments will go up to normal ESA rates between the end of your academic year and the start of the next academic year. Housing benefit will still run as a claim, but again may be reduced during the academic year, you will have to check based on your personal circumstances. Full time student should receive full council tax reduction assuming you are living alone or only with other full time students.

    Also as a side note ( I know you don't want to do OU course) but if this should come up in a search for OU and student loans ESA etc. You can now study full time with the OU and claim full time student loans. (in which case the same rules to ESA etc would apply).

    I have made assumptions based on the fact you are on ESA still, so assume you are receiving the SDP and no one elses income will change your circumstances.

    This is based on personal experience, as advised above you should seek advise on your own specific circumstances, This was based on my own prior claim as a full time student, living alone in receipt of ESA - PIP - with daily living at a rate to give the SDP in ESA/Housing benefit.

    Also with ESA - a full time student you automatically count as having limited capability for work - without the need to attend work capability assessment for the duration of the course. (again this is specific to ESA - anyone on UC will have to take/continue to take Capability tests to still receive UC whilst a student)

    Can't post link I'm a new user but:

    "As a full-time student, you will only be able to claim income-related Employment and Support Allowance if you are also getting Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP). or Armed Forces Independence Payment
    If you are a full time student who is getting DLA, you count as having limited capability for work without having to have a Work Capability Assessment.
    If you receive student support in the form of a grant or a loan, this will probably reduce the amount of income-related ESA you can get."
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