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Wedding Venue Hell

I need some advice please about a hotel and spa that my daughter booked for her wedding day which was thrusday last week.
The hotel let her down badly.............
The building work was ongoing thoughout the wedding, workmen walking through the wedding guests. JCB driving through the photos of the bride and groom with wedding cars. The chauffeurs had to move the cars to accommodate the heavy plant vehicles.
The waiting staff were dressed in scruffy jeans and string tea shirts and rude and unfriendly
The wedding co-ordinator went home sick on the day of the wedding and no-one informed my daughter or anyone else. She was key to the smooth running and structure of the day. Consequently it was not orchistrated at all! There are loads more things that went wrong that day and I need to know if we would be entitled to the £6000 refund from the venue and also compensation, as she will never get her day back she is so upset :sad::cry:


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    What percengage of the total venue cost is your proposed 6k refund?

    It sounds a fairly large amount to request.
  • The whole wedding was a disgrace! I have not listed everything that went wrong that day, but these are the main points, other things like not providing the marquee with fans or guest with water on the hottest day of the year. She'd paid for ruffles hoods for the chairs, these were not put on. The white carpet runner she paid extra for had filthy footprints all over it. She paid for lights to light up the marquee, these were not switched on. High chairs were requested and not provided. The wine was uncorked and not served to the guest or top wedding table. The bride and groom were not served first no attention was given to them through out the day as the Wedding Co-ordinator had gone home and not let anyone know!!. The staff were so rude to the guests and one was rude to me, she had to tell the manager to ask her to stop being so rude. My daughter was devistated she had saved with her finance for 9 years working extra jobs to save for this big day. I did say to her 'Well everyone enjoyed the day' trying to passify her but she said to me 'yes mum but i didnt!) She will never get this day back even if they give her a million pounds!
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    Ok. I'm not sure that really answered the question so good luck with it all.
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    and I'm thinking you might get a bit more help if you posted this on the weddings board?

    Sorry it turned out to be a memorable day- for the wrong reasons. Is there a written contract with anyone?
    Probably too much money for small claims court?
    Being polite and pleasant doesn't cost anything!
    If you found my posting helpful please hit the "Thanks" button!
    Many thanks

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    So as a wedding venue, what did the reviews say?
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