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LBA from Gladstones re: ES Parking Enforcement - a ticket with history

Original thread where I discussed my dispute (post 11 onwards as I had a misunderstanding with the location originally).

I received the LBA today, however, I have already written direct to ES Parking Enforcement's head office due to them increasing the ticket charge to £125 while it was under dispute with the IAS.

Timeline of events:
  • Letter received from lease company about a ticket I had no idea I'd got.
  • Went to dispute online, transpires the ticket was given while my car was left in a "no stopping at any time" zone for 120-180 seconds while I walked into and back out of my employer's parking garage.
  • Disputed with ES Parking: Declined.
  • Disputed with IAS: I attached images of the car arrival and departure (3 minutes is not enough time for the charge to be enforceable as far as I'm aware), emails from the landowner and my employer stating they didn't want the ticket persued, my blue badge, and a 1,000 word document because the IAS have disabled the ability to paste text into their dispute box.
  • Dispute refused because the word document never went through, so the adjudicator threw it out.
  • The very day I received the refusal I also received a letter from ES Parking telling me the ticket was now £125. I already knew it would go from £60 to £100 as part of the IAS appeals process, but now they were charging more for non-payment.
  • I sent a letter to their head office. I photographed the letter and the receipt. No response.
  • Now I have the LBA.

So what now?


  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
    40.4K Posts
    Why the new thread?

    You can see how busy this forum is

    It will be impossible if everyone simply started a new thread at each development

    And you cannot expect us to search for your other thread to get the circumstances

    Copy and paste the above post into your original thread

    Then use edit to replace the text with something like duplicate thread please ignore

    Then use edit/advanced to alter your thread title to read the same and let this thread die
  • dkl_ukdkl_uk Forumite
    32 Posts
    Fifth Anniversary 10 Posts
    ...because what you just typed there isn't common knowledge.

    Also the original thread contains several posts of conflicting information while I investigated what the ticket was for.

    And, the original thread was about the dispute, which was put to bed by the IAS systems failing to include the document I provided, and so now this is a separate matter about an erroneous increase to the parking charge.
  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
    40.4K Posts
    Nevertheless it's all related to the one pcn isn't it?

    (See the newbies FAQ thread near the top of the forum for advice on what to do after receiving a LBA. All covered in post #2 there

    Please let this thread die
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