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Moneysavers For Three Diners?

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Moneysavers For Three Diners?

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stressedofdevonstressedofdevon Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Going Out Deals
We're doing a staycation in August and I'm struggling to find cheap ways for three to dine. I have the Meerkat Meals but can't see any way to make it work for three of us. Has anyone found a hack or suggestions for three (2A, 1Teen) to eat cheaply? Nothing fancy required, just moneysaving please!
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  • TakmonTakmon Forumite
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    If your doing a staycation (as in staying at home) then you might as well cook food yourself instead of going out. There isn't much point in going out and getting cheap sub par food when you can eat much cheaper at home with far better quality.

    The best thing you can do is plan ahead and pre-prepare food for the week and also make packed lunches for when your out during the day.

    If you plan ahead and look online for recipes you can make some very good meals in a very short time if you have been out all day and don't want to spend hours cooking.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    It's like being single - eating for 3 and getting a deal is very rare.

    If they simply offered half price food more people would go as it's straight forward... but they will insist on "coupling up" people, which is annoying.

    All you can do is find somewhere with a 2-for-1 deal, then work out what three meals you'd like and order the best 2-for-1 combination by ordering the two priciest meals. THEN... the 3rd person to order their (cheapest) meal separately. If you order together they'll work it some other combination that'll cost you more, by charging the 3rd person as the 2nd most expensive meal.
  • flea72flea72 Forumite
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    Order 4 meals on the bogof offer, and take the extra one home to eat the next day for lunch (pizza or pasta is good for this as doesnt need reheating)

    Tesco clubcard vouchers

    How old is the teenager, as student ID gets good discounts in most chain restaurants

    Eat main meal at lunchtime, alot of restaurants have set price menus for lunch/before 6pm

    Wetherspoons, serve breakfast til midday (massive portions), or have specials on different days of week, ie curry one day, steak another, etc.

    Supermarket cafes, some are open til 7pm

    Sites like groupon. search the area you are visiting, see what offers they have. Double check website of restaurant to see if it really is an offer, then buy through groupon. Afternoon teas are usually a good buy
  • stressedofdevonstressedofdevon Forumite
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    Thanks for the replies. By staycation I mean we're staying in the UK, not going abroad.

    It's a great idea to order an extra meal to go if using Meerkat! I was wondering whether anyone had been able to order three meals and one dessert and the restaurant allow it as BOGOF but a student discount might work too.

    Such a shame there are never deals for singletons (which I am when my grown up kids aren't around) or small families.
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  • gentlepurrgentlepurr Forumite
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    I noticed that my Marstons 2for1 pub was advertising "ask for deals if eating alone" i havnt tried this yet, and im not sure if they all do it, but maybe its worth an ask, especially if you're somewhere else and you could say something along the lines of " I know Marstons do it so i wondered if you do it too?" worst they can say is no

    gp xx
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