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Hello everyone

I have decided to start this diary as I cannot keep control of my bad spending habits :o It’s the summer holidays and I cannot afford to do anything with the kids, even free things because I can’t afford the fuel to take them to these places. Am going to put my thinking cap on tonight and come up with a plan for things we CAN do.

Fed up of living like this and really annoyed at myself for getting in this mess in the first place. Feeling absolutely determined and motivated to do this. Am going to also use this diary as a spending diary.

Am off to slimming world tonight and when I come back I’m going to sit down and work out all my debts and a plan of where to start. Xx


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    Good luck with starting your plan :D

    Do you have any friends/family that you could go to places with and share the travel costs?
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    Does your local library run the summer reading challenge?

    We like exploring where a public footpath sign might go...always worth checking on OS website to have a vague idea !

    Any museums near you?

    Den building in the garden?

    Football/cricket/ picnics at the park?

    Blackberry picking in a few weeks.

    Making paper aeroplanes and seeing how far they travel...
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    Thank you for the ideas. Yesterday and today are both NSD so I’m feeling really pleased with that. Hoping tomorrow will be too but might need to pick up a loaf of bread. Went through and wrote a list of all my debts last night and tried to work out a budget. Am going to sit this evening and try and work out how to use the snowball thing. Might try and write a inventory of the freezer so can start to meal plan and write a shopping list for Monday, will see how tired I am once I sit down lol xx
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
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    Good luck with everything. Sounds like you've got the right idea for what to do and now it's just about doing that.

    If I think of anything for you to do with your kids, I'll be sure to come back and post them.
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    Just wanted to pop by and wish you luck. It seems like you are starting off well and sometimes it seems daunting but once you know where you are and have a plan it will click into place :)
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    Well I’ve just added up the total debts:o. Comes to £11,788.08. I’ve got to find a way of getting this down ASAP, I’m shocked if I’m honest (which I guess is the whole point of this diary isn’t it? Being honest). I thought it might be pushing £8,000 not nearly £12,000. More of a mess than I thought, and all my own doing. So plan of action is, rightly or wrongly but it’s how I’m going to do it, is to target the smallest debt and get it cleared and then the next and so on. There are currently 7 debts.

    Today was a horribly spendy day. Didn’t take lunch to work so had to buy it £1.98 and it wasn’t even that nice!
    £33.18 in Ald1 and sains on food shopping. And a unforeseen £33.40 on a new hose for the car :mad:

    Tomorrow won’t be a nsd either as need cat Litter and some birthday cards and food for DD birthday on Friday.

    Going to try and make a payment a day to the debts. In fact I’ll go and make one now even though money is very very short right now. I’ve actually just realised there’s 8 debts :o I’ve missed a card of so it will be over £12k :eek:
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    Managed to move pennies around and scrape together 40p. How on earth did I ever allow myself to get in this situation?

    2 days until child benefit is paid
    4 days until tax credits is paid
    8 days until pay day ......... not that I’m counting or anything
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    It may be hrd but at least you're aware of the situation and preparing/willing to take the necessary steps. What's done is done, we can only move forward and focus on making the changes need each day to end up where we need to be.
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    I find weight loss and debt loss require the same. Commitment, bit by bit progress and don't forget to treat yourself or you will go off track. Good luck :)
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