Refund for poor hotel

I booked a one night stay in a hotel through, however when we arrived there, the place was an absolute mess. There was no-one there to greet us or speak to as it was fairly late when we arrived, so we walked out and travelled home.

The place was like a building site, and the room was dirty with mould on the ceiling in the bathroom. Not a suitable place to stay with my pregnant wife, and definitely not worth what we paid for it.

I've contacted via their messaging and sent them the pictures I took. I'm currently awaiting their response, however I've just remembered that I paid on my credit card. Would it be worth speaking to them as well or should I wait for's response first?


  • You could do either, but the credit card company will also need to get the facts from both you and
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    I'll leave it with for now then. I don't know what their turnaround time is for responding.
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    You say you walked out when no-one was on the reception desk, yet in the second paragraph you appear to have seen a room.

    I assume someone did greet you and gave you the keys to a room. Did you ask to change rooms if the one offered to you was as you describe?

    See what say but if you did not give the hotel a chance to offer a different and hopefully better room I can't see them offering a full refund.
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    The keys were in a wall mounted safe next to the room. They gave us a code to the main door (which was broken and anyone could enter anyway) and a code to the safe.

    There was no-one around at all.
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    If the room cost more than £100 and you paid by credit card, you could try claiming against both the credit card company and

    Although any hotel that provides access to the rooms via a key safe may not be in the £100 a night category!? I've only used key safes at self catering accommodation.
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    It was over £100 per night. The reception closes at 6pm, so if you arrive later than that they send you an email with the code in.

    I might get in touch with the credit card company as well then.
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