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How to URGENTLY reclaim PPI for a deceased relative

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    NCC-1701 wrote: »
    Does Plevin apply?
    In order for Plevin to apply the deceased person's finance needs to have still been current in 2008, not prior to that.
  • I’m sorry if this sounds daft but I need some clarification.

    My deceased parents had a mortgage with the Nationwide. I have only just discovered that I could make a claim. If I call the Nationwide and tell them I wish too make a claim but need to obtain the necessary paperwork (will and probate held at solicitors, need. to locate death certificates) does this constitute an initial complaint or do I need to be in possession of the paperwork which could very well mean I miss the deadline date?
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    Just got two cheques back for late wife had to provide death certificate and statement 6000!  Pounds thanks to Martin lewies
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