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Hi so I'm in the process of moving out from a UNITE Students property and remembered that before I 'secured' my room, I had to pay something which they call an 'advance rent payment' and claim has replaced deposits. However, the definition of a deposit is putting down a smaller amount of money in order to secure a room/property before making full payment, in which case the advance rent payment technically was as I then eventually paid the entire rent payment. Am I legally allowed to request the advance rent payment back, worth £250? Is this UNITE Students trying to be sneaky and avoiding placing the money in a deposit scheme so that they can make more money?


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    Have you simply asked them to return it to you?
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    I personally haven't but other people in my accommodation have and apparently they got told they're not getting it back
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    10.Advanced rent

    The provisions of this clause 10 shall only apply if your Booking Details state that an Advanced Rent is payable.

    In this clause 10, “Advanced Rent” means the sum stated in the booking details which will be a true advance payment of rent to cover your Rent payment obligations under this contract.
    Payment of the Advanced Rent is a pre-condition for the completion of this Tenancy Agreement. Any failure to pay the Advanced Rent will entitle us to terminate this Tenancy Agreement without any penalty on our part and with immediate effect. We shall inform you should we exercise our right to terminate the Tenancy Agreement under this clause The Advanced Rent constitutes a prepayment of your first rental instalment. Accordingly your first installment will constitute the sum detailed in your Booking Details, less the Advanced Rent paid.
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