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healthiest dog treats to buy for small dog

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longwalks1longwalks1 Forumite
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We need to buy a bag or dog treatrs for our cavalier spaniel as our parents are looking after her for 2 weeks next week, and always feed her a biscuit or 2 (parents are in their 80's)

Can anyone recommend the healthiest treats available to buy so we can ask them to feed those instead? We want to keep her as slim as possible for the obvious health reasons
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  • elsienelsien Forumite
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    Make some sardine biscuits and cut them to the size you want. You can freeze but they do keep. Cheap, and lots of recipes online.
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    KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    I make my dogs sardine flapjacks- No known nasty additives simply: tinned sardines, clove garlic, egg, oil, rolled oats and small amount flour. One of my dogs is wheat intolerant.Baked until hard and very crunchy!!

    Homemade liver cake also popular

    Does your dog like fruit & veg because a few slices of apple or carrot sticks would be non- fattening. My dogs love broccoli stalk & cauliflower leaf ribs too!
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  • teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    My cavaliers always enjoyed Fish4Dogs fish skin cubes, which also do a brilliant job of tooth cleaning.I bought larger ones than small dog recommended 'tiddlers' as these were easily swallowed.

    Teddy,my last of four, who is nearly 16 can't have them, as he only has two teeth, which are not a matching pair, but he does like the softer salmon strips (about 3cm long and very slim).
  • gettingtheresometimegettingtheresometime Forumite
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    We used to buy liver from the supermarket, cut it into bite size pieces and then cook it for our dog.
  • krlyrkrlyr Forumite
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    Forthglade do a packet of little dry treats which my two love, most petshops would probably stock them (or Amazon)
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    I regularly get "Wiggles Sprats" from my local Poundstretcher store; they're basically just little dried, pressed fish in a resealable waxed paper pouch. Going from memory I think they only cost about £1.50.

    There's no mess with them, my dogs absolutely love them and with no additives they couldn't be much healthier. Of course anything fed to excess will result in weight gain, but the sprats are visually less attractive which might help curb the "oh go on, have another" habit.
  • ohreallyohreally Forumite
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    Rarely go wrong with a pig ear.
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