Student Loans help?

I got a letter today saying in the past year £1878 was applied to my student loan due to interest. I dropped out of university in 2015 nearing the end of my second year due to mental health, and haven't had a job meeting the earning requirements to start paying it back. I haven't worked at all in the past 2-3 years because of my mental health, so I'm wondering if I should be gaining interest if I'm not currently paying them back?

I'd also like to know if you start paying your loans back based on personal or household income? My partner just started a new job and he might start earning enough to be eligible to pay them back, but they aren't his loans? I couldn't find any information about this, if anybody knows could they please let me know?

I don't understand much of what I've read about student loads, anxiety is one of the things I struggle with and this has me very stressed.

Thank you in advance for any help/advice/information!


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    Yes, your loans accrue interest.

    Your partner isn't responsible for your debts.
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    Your loan will accrue interest regardless of whether you are paying it back or not.

    The repayment of the loan is based only on your personal income, not the households.
    Your partner could send you money, which you could send voluntarily to the student loans finance company, if that's something he wanted to do. Whether he wants to gift you this money each month to help you pay down your loan is entirely his choice though.

    If you are unlikely to earn much for the foreseeable future, then it could be argued that paying anything towards it now is unwise, as it's unlikely you will pay off the entire loan within 30yrs, when it is written off.

    Whether this is morally right is up for debate...
  • Wow, I left it a few days because I didn't expect such quick responses, sorry for not getting back sooner. Thank you both! I massively appreciate your responses :)
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