Martin: 'I'm setting up a new £1 a month gym...'

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I’ve had a great business idea. A brand new super-cheap gym chain. I’ve been inspired by the many people I meet, who admit they pay for their gym membership but never actually go, as one woman (who'll remain anonymous) said "paid £270 for a year's membership, went for one swim. Most expensive swim ever.”

Most do it out of good intentions. Cancelling would be admitting to themselves, that they've failed in their fitness quest. And I suppose it is a way of losing pounds, just not in the way most really want.

My proposed new £1/mth gym, combats this. It will be online only, very online, very very online. There will be no physical gyms, no equipment, I won’t even bother with streaming workout videos at home.

I’ll just charge £1 a month, and send a membership card. That way people get the same as they do now, but pay less for it.

Or… if you’re reading this and are a gym no-show, you could save me the hassle of setting this up, and either start using your gym, or stop paying for it, and put the cash to something that actually does you some good!


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