Debt Free by 2023

Hi guys
i know this is a huge way a way but i am just starting to look at my money in a different light .... i have a hen do and wedding coming up ( mine ) and i am around 27 thousand pound in debt .....without including my mortgage in hindsight a wedding once i was debt free would have been amazing but i booked the wedding over 2 years ago before most debts started.... it just spiralled i bought a car on finance then could get a loan to pay for the car that would have cheaper monthly repayments and some extra for the wedding then things came up and i spent the extra so go an extra loan to cover the wedding etc .... i really want to be frugel .. i dont really spend the money on me i have an unhealthy obsession with cleaning products and just generally buying stuff i do not need for the house etc i rarely buy clothes i dont dye my hair i buy primark £1 stick on nails like i literally buy £1 shampoo guys haha ...

today is the day (1st of the month and also a monday perfect time) that i am starting my no spend month .... will be the first i have ever done if i do not 100 percent need it i will not be buying it .... all my debts end by novemeber 2023 so as you can imagine that christmad and new year are probably going to feel like the best ever !!

if anyone has any tips that would be great

Have a lovely day xx:p:T:o:D;):j


  • jwil
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    Good luck. 2023 isn't far away really.

    Start off with a spending diary - if you record absolutely everything you spend, you will probably shock yourself on just how much you are wasting on tat, cleaning products and 'stuff'.
    "If you can dream it, you can do it". Walt Disney
  • dixxie10
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    thanks for your reply

    i am actually excited about saving usually im excited about what bargain i can buy at work in my dinner hour online but i love watching my money grow daily .... i will obviously buy the essentials needed but i also feel i want to look for bargains on them too and save money

    2023 will come and go in no time and i will be nearly 1000 a month better off with everything i pay our debt wise .... i cant even begin to imagne how free i am going to feel !!

  • Mrsmac2007
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    I am in a similar situation. I have got myself trapped in a debt spiral. I have £31,000 of debt and I am determined to pay it off by 2023.

    What plan have you made to get it done?
  • Smythson
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    I'm also in a similar position... Have been moving things about onto 0% cards but do need to get a grip and a clear plan in place!
  • Poppy1984
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    Just wanted to say hello! My debt free date is also 2023 and like you I feel like it is forever away! How are you getting on?
    19-02-18 Total Debt £30,322
    17-12-21 I'm Debt Free 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • beanielou
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
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  • catlady1990
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    How's getting debt free going? I have lots of no spend days and we food shop once a week with all our lunches and evening meals planned. So our food budget is more than comfortable.
    It's my own current account that looks a mess. I really hope I can be in a less scrimpy position by january 2020.
    Too much money owed, trying to pay it off one paycheck at a time
    Happiness comes from within, following your dreams and doing what you love :) :A
  • Socajam
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    dixxie10 - I would go through all my cleaning supplies and make a note of everything that I have
    Same for your food cupboard and freezer.
    Once you have made your list, DO NOT buy any more cleaning supplies, food etc until you are down to the last one.
    Make a note of how much your were spending on cleaning supplies and use that money towards your debt.
    Stop going to the stores and look at sale items: start asking yourself : is this a "need" or a "want". If you cannot make up your mind between the two, put it back on the shelf and leave the store.
    I had over 200 pounds save in my coin bottle, I was amazed when I cashed it in.
    For the last 18 months, I have stopped spending and my weekends are spend in the house relaxing. Come Monday morning, I feel really good.
    I really do not need anything else and know for a fact that if I venture out to the shops, I will buy, in order to stop that I stay home.
    From August, I have given up cable and save that money for a rainy day.
    It can be done, but you like weight loss, you need discipline.
  • Stephan_Ferraro
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    If I were you I would collect a jar like a curse jar. Whenever you wanted to say f-word you have to put a coin into that jar. Do the same as that. Whenever you want to buy the stuff that you don't need actually put a coin into the jar. That will be a motivation for you right. And you may be able to buy your essential stuff at the end of the month. Because you do not spend too much on those.
  • catlady1990
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    That's a really good idea.
    Too much money owed, trying to pay it off one paycheck at a time
    Happiness comes from within, following your dreams and doing what you love :) :A
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