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Jet 2 holiday problem

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    wesleyad wrote: »
    I really think Jet2 should be offering a refund if they cannot move you to a similar hotel for free.

    I'm amazed that they're not, to be honest.
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    Cefca wrote: »
    It's the hotel at fault, if anyone, not Jet2.

    Maybe, but its Jet2 that need to sort it out
  • ABTA is pretty clear about the process when there is a significant change to a holiday. The fact Jet2 have contacted you about the building work would constitute a significant change.

    As a newbie I can’t post the link but the guidance doc for the code states:

    "If Members make a significant change to a booking or cancel a booking they must, without undue delay offer clients a choice of an alternative comparable holiday (if available) or their money back. This must be a genuine choice. Members shouldn't offer an alternative holiday first and then, only if the client complains, agree to a refund."

    It also outlines what the alternative holiday should be:

    “In terms of the alternative that Members need to offer, the following guidelines may be helpful. Members need to offer an alternative of equivalent quality, i.e. closely similar standard and price if they are able to. This should be at no extra cost to the client. If they can't, then they should offer an alternative of higher quality if they are able to. Again, they shouldn't ask the client to pay more for this. However Members aren’t obliged to offer a holiday that's so far superior as not to be a genuine substitute. If they can’t then they can offer a replacement of a lower quality. Members need to refund the client the difference in cost if the client takes this alternative.”

    As to whether you should be paying extra for the alternative holiday comes down to whether the alternative hotel would be deemed so far superior, I suspect not.

    I would ask Jet2 to quote which part of the ABTA code they are following when refusing a full refund and asking you to pay significantly more to move to an alternative hotel.
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