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Hi all,

I have a 10 1/2 year old Chihuahua x Norfolk Terrier.

Over the last 3-6 months he's started slowing down a bit. As we go on a walk he goes from a excited jog and skip and run to a slow stroll and regular stops on the way back. We used to go on two 30 minute quite low impact walks a day, but he seems reluctant to go on more than one a day at the moment. He'll toddle in the garden throughout the day and be happy to get his lead on, but honestly just looks shattered on a second walk, so its reduced down to one and some low-impact toy playing instead which doesn't involve too much for him. I've tried keeping the whole walk at a slower pace but regardless of speed at the start, he really starts to slow down at the 30-45 minute point of a standard walk.

I've taken him to the vets to check out his joints and they have said they can't see any problems and he doesn't seem to be in any pain, but something is off. He's also taken to sleeping in his own bed rather than on the sofa as much, although doesn't seem to have any issues jumping up or climbing stairs....

I'm not sure what I can do? I'd hate to think he was aching or in any pain, and was told by the vet that until its clear there's something wrong then it would be a waste to do tests etc. I wonder if there's any natural food supplements I could give him that I could try him on and see if it does help at all? Or is he just getting old and slowing down?

I've had him for his entire life, but not had a dog for so long previously and so I wanted to just check out others experiences.


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    Just to add - he doesn't have any other known health issues, is considered 'healthy' and isn't overweight!
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    Could be slowing down with age but also may be because (until these last few days!) it's been quite warm.
    I wouldn't be worrying, just go with the flow, but monitor the changes so that when you go to the vet for the booster you can ask questions.

    My old boy, beagle X-attitudes changed dramatically as he got older, yes he still walked and ran but he didn't jump on bed etc and seemed quite happy. Unfortunately he 'lost the plot' and may have had a mini stroke that wasn't diagnosed at the time but he made it to 16.
    My current dogs slow down in hot weather- and pouring rain!

    I remember one local dog struggled to walk and then they gave him devils claw- a whole new dog! So you might like to look at doggy supplements like Yumove etc.
    Being polite and pleasant doesn't cost anything!
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    Many thanks

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    My dog's nearly 11 and he's slowed down quite a bit and seems stiff after a long walk. He's been taking Yumove for about 3 weeks now and he definitely seems livelier.
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    Another vote for yumove.

    Parents have a 9 year old alsation and these notably work for her.
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    Thanks for all the responses. I’ll try him on Yumove!
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