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Hi there,
I wonder if anyone can help?
My daughter attends a privately run 16+ academy, doing a three year musical theatre course.
They are not Trinity registered yet, and won't be for a good few years, as a they are quite new or eligible for a traditional student loan.
My daughter was going to be getting a PCDL loan via the co-op, but this has now gone. Is there any other private funding that students themselves can apply for, rather than myself having to get a bank loan?
Thank you


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    As far as I'm aware (although I'm happy to be corrected) under 18s are not allowed to take out loans on a commercial basis - I suspect official students loans are dealt with under their own legislation.
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    Can the college not advise on funding?
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    Do they do Dadas? As above I'd chat to the college. Unfortunately this is a problem within the performing arts world of training. It's why so many can only go down the degree route, due to the funding.

    Does she live away from home, so you need to find tuition and living costs or just tuition costs?

    Ultimately I think the only way is going to be if you can fund it yourself. Your child could also look for a p-time job to contribute, though that is often difficult in term time due to the amount of contact time but maybe they can look for something in the holidays?

    Worst case scenario, you may have to look at pulling her out and applying to others that offer Dadas and hope your child is awarded one or look at the courses that are degrees so she'll be eligible for student funding.
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