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Redundancy in 2020

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Redundancy & Redundancy Planning
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MabakerMabaker Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Redundancy & Redundancy Planning
We entered a 45 day consultation on Thursday 6th but my role will not be outsourced until January 2020. When consultation ends will I be issued a redundancy notice? And if I am will I then just have to work my notice or codon I have to work until next year?:A::(


  • MasomniaMasomnia Forumite
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    Really depends on the company and what they decide to do unfortunately. Sounds like you'll have work until at least then.
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  • I worked in a team of 24. 20 of us were put on a years notice of redundancy. Yes they had to work the full redundancy period, those who wouldn't be getting a decent redundancy payment left as soon as they could and weren't replaced, making life harder for those left behind.

    We were offshored to India, so had 3 months of cross training them then were left sitting about doing odds and sods for 6 months. They didn't want to lose any staff until the Indian team had been trained in the UK for 3 months and working back in India for another 3months, just in case it went badly and they needed to cancel it (and our redundancy) at the last minute.

    The worst part was, despite being on notice of redundancy, none of our redundancy support started until we were in our contractural notice period of 3 months. So we were left on the shelf for 9 months then it was a mad rush to do stuff like CV courses and register for redeployment schemes etc.
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    When in situations with future termination dates read up on counter notice as that gives extra options one in the statutory notice period.
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