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My cat 4 years old ish

20 mins after eating she lets out a cry and then sicks it all up. Not all the time maybe once a week.

The sick is just the food, very little hair.

We feed her harringtons which has grain in it.

So when she starts doing this we switch to plain roasted chicken.
She been on chicken for about week, 2days ago gave her a handful of harringtons. then back to chicken.
Today she sicked with the chicken.

Any advice?


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    Sounds normal to me. My cat is sick after breakfast about twice a week. Trick is to give very little first thing and then some more in a wee while.
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    Is it kibble you are feeding her? If so be aware she will drink water after eating it, not necessarily straight away, the kibble will expand in her tummy causing her to be sick. (Get a bowl of water and put a single kibble in to see how much it expands!)

    So feed her less, but more often, and only have a small bit of water around at feeding times.

    Kibble and meat digest at vastly different rates.

    If in doubt see your vet for a quick check up.
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    Any coughing (indicates hairball), change in behaviour, change in litter box, weight loss?

    Is she wormed regularly?

    It maybe something in the food, it maybe how she is eating, or a sign of a more sinister underlying cause.

    So a change in diet or a change of feeding frequency/ amounts could be an idea.

    Do speak to your Vet though and take her in for a check up/weigh in. Especially as what you feel is normal for her in terms of sick has changed recently.
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    Sounds normal but to investigate more it is better to ask from your vet.
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