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Neighbour's Dogs bark all day

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My neighbours dogs bark constantly all day while they are at work.

I have moved into my mum's house and now renting it off of her to save for a mortgage, but quickly thinking about moving back out! My mum had a serious problem with them and got into many arguments. I actually know the couple and have spoken to them on behalf of my mum before and didn't seem to care that the dogs were nuisance barking.

It's very frustrating because they have two Rottweilers and a Staffy they call their babies, yet they are never walked and they don't seem to understand the stress and anxiety the dogs must have to be barking the way they are all day. I also work shifts, so sometimes I get to bed in the early hours and am up at half 7 due to the barking!

I'm reluctant to speak to them again because I've already tried that in the past. I want to suggest walking them before work and sticking on a radio or something but I think they are fully in denial.
I'm also reluctant to report it as I have a Bull Mastiff cross who was rescued and is reactive. I spend a lot of time training my dog and have taken the necessary precautions such as putting up window film so he isn't barking all day, but i'm concerned if I report theirs then they could report mine, which is concerning as I know the police can be very indiscriminate where bull breeds are concerned.

I guess I was in denial at how much it would get on my neves before I moved in as I really want to save. Yet I shouldn't have to move out because of it but I could be living with it for years 😭


  • marlotmarlot Forumite
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    I used an ultrasonic sound generator, and taught my neighbours dogs not to bark!
  • onwards&upwardsonwards&upwards Forumite
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    Can you offer to walk them? You could say they’d be doing you a favour helping to socialise your rescue dog?
  • spinneryspinnery Forumite
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    I've offered to walk the dogs when my mum was living here, but for some reason they said no ��

    The ultrasonic thing sounds intersting. I'll do some googling on that! I was going to get a horn but that sounds a bit more subtle!
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    marlotmarlot Forumite
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    The ultrasonic thing would probably be a waste of money:

    I agree with him that the ultrasonic does nothing that a firm voice command wouldn't. But I didn't want my neighbours to catch on that I was training their dog - their approach was to scream at the dog, and I knew I could do better!

    It's about how you use it, and what you're using it to achieve!

    First I tought my dog not to bark back when she was barked at - she understood the word 'no', and we supplemented it by taking her out to the garden on a lead. When she barked, she was told no. When she didn't bark back she got a treat. That took a week or two with a young puppy.

    That meant that my dog wasn't part of the problem.

    I'd leave my dog in the house and go out with the ultrasonic. If the dog next door barked, I'd sound it as a 2-3 second burst to shock her out of barking. When she stopped, I'd praise her. Also got her used to me saying 'enough' as she stopped. We did this for 2-3 weeks. Increasingly I could go into my own garden without setting the terrier next door off.

    My dog and I can now go into the garden. Just now and again we'll get a few barks from next door, but if I say 'enough' she stops. My dog never responds.
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