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A question for a MW expert!!

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A question for a MW expert!!

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Techie Stuff
We have an old MW still in very good condition. However, the ¨start¨button has stopped working. We believe it is a contact issue, since it started being ¨dodgy¨a while ago and you needed to press it at different angles. It became more and more dodgy and now it is next to impossible to make it work.

So we were going to do something like this:

However, prompted by the many warnings printed on the back, I read more and learned about the dangers of the capacitor and the beryllium oxide inside the magnetron.
We got cold feet and stopped the task.
So my question for anybody who knows first hand about these devices is: is it safe to just remove the cover and check the control cables at the front? How easy is it to touch the capacitor which can supposedly kill you even if the appliance is unplugged? Can this deadly substance inside the magnetron leak out just because you removed the cover?
Many thanks for any help!! It is a shame to throw away a good device just because of a minor fault.


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