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Solar panel to runLay z Spa

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oxfordmarkoxfordmark Forumite
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We have a Lay Z Spa running. I suddenly wondered if there was a way to run the Lay Z Spa using a Solar panel?

I read somewhere about buying a battery pack, which the solar panel would charge. Is this correct?

Where would i start?

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  • rob7475rob7475 Forumite
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    You'd need a big panel to run a lay z spa. The pump / heater will use about 2kw whan heating. I think the amount you'd need to invest in solar panels, the technology to store the generated electricity etc would outweigh the savings you'll make.

    I had a Lay Z spa monaco which holds a lot more water than the rest. It cost around £10 per week to run during summer - that was keeping it constantly heating to 38 degrees. In colder weather the cost could increase to around £15 per week. Still not too bad though and the smaller lay z spas should cost less to run.
  • EctophileEctophile Forumite
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    I'm sure it's possible - if you buy enough solar panels, a battery, and an inverter that can work in "islanded" mode. But it will all end up costing rather more than the electricity you would otherwise have needed.

    And if you're going to all that expense, why not use a "grid tied" inverter, and run the whole house on it?

    Islanded = not connected to the grid at all.
    Grid tied = connected to your normal electricity supply.
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