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Tradesman Dispute - ADR?

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Tradesman Dispute - ADR?

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
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theSNEWtheSNEW Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
Can anyone recommend someone who can do ADR arbitration or a suitable ombudsman?

I’m having a dispute with a tiler who has done a bad job on our bathroom floor. Initially he agreed to redo the job and cover the cost of tiles, then didn’t turn up. He then agreed to refund us the full fee and cover the expenses for used materials, then didn’t see good on his offer. We now want to pursue further action and have been recommended to use ADR before proceeding to small claims court. Any help would be appreciated!

Thankyou :-)


  • da_ruleda_rule Forumite
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    ADR is pointless if the other person won’t engage. Has the tiler actually said he’ll consent to ADR?

    If you think you have a claim then send a letter before action and get it started. As part of the process you’re offered mediation.
  • steampoweredsteampowered Forumite
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    I would recommend you go straight to small claims court.

    Much less fuss than the other options. And the only option available if the trader won't co-operate anyway.
  • theSNEWtheSNEW Forumite
    8 posts
    Unfortunately he won’t answer the phone to us, even when he said he would retile or refund it was only by text.

    I heard it is necessary to have an independent assessment of the work done in order for small claims to be likely to succeed?

    The other issue is we don’t have a confirmed business address for him, it wasn’t on his quote or website.. so we’re not sure how to proceed anyway.
  • Greta_SharboGreta_Sharbo Forumite
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    An independent assessment may well be necessary. If the trader disputes the work is substandard then the onus is on you to prove it is. Photographs may prove this but not necessarily. Therefore an independent report showing it is substandard is important.

    Without an address court action is difficult - when you say not a 'confirmed' address. Do you mean you have one but unsure if its correct?

    Who is the trader - someone may be able to find the address for you.
  • theSNEWtheSNEW Forumite
    8 posts
    I’ve had a look at getting an independent report and it costs £600.. i guess this is claimable if we win but it’s a big gamble..

    We have lots of pictures taken from a week after the job was finished, but i do feel like we need some professional opinion of the work done, at least some evidence that is a bit more impartial than us only.

    The other thing i’m concerned about is no invoice from the company. We have a quote and plenty of whatsapp texts confirming what days were suitable and tiles, even our complaints etc. But i guess i’m worried he could just say he was never there..

    I had some luck regarding the address. It seems it is now on his website. Maybe i missed it before.
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