Simple, sustainable and slow: Glenda's MF marathon

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    Well done on surviving half term under budget, that is great news.

    Even better news that you haven't seen any difference in your quality of life.
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    @ Glenda Sugar Bean - I have just binge-read your entire diary!
    I have found it so inspiring!
    You have made excellent progress - wishing you every luck that it continues    :)
  • Thank you BaileysBabe and CrazySexyCool, I am pleased with progress so far and trying not to worry about when it may all go wrong! Must change that pessimistic outlook.

    Operation get into good routines is continuing: now I've finished the 30 day Frugal Challenge I'm going for 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. I have discovered: I am not anywhere near as flexible as I thought I was, the cat does not approve of yoga and will wander over to bite me when she thinks it's going too far, and I am very very bad at standing on one leg.

    Aim for this week: three NSDs, yoga every morning, and remember to put the cat out first :smiley:.

    I have also not immediately bought a new yoga mat off Amazon. See my restraint!
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