Simple, sustainable and slow: Glenda's MF marathon

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  • Budget figures with 11 days to payday:

    Groceries: £88
    Fun money: £21
    Savings pots (misc): £40

    I also have a separate pot for birthdays (party to pay for later in the month).
  • Realised I had a leftover Xmas gift, so NSD3 achieved :j
  • Good morning! It's a beautiful day here, the sun is out and I have a long list of Things to Do. Which means I'm still lazing in bed with a coffee.

    Last week's goals went pretty well - I managed 3 NSDs, but I went over on my grocery spend which was closer to £70 than £60. That did include essential monthly cleaning and toiletry supplies, so not too bad. However this week I have just over £80 in the budget to cover a weekly shop, cat food and at least 2 top up shops. Need to stay focused!

    Plan for next week:

    - 3 NSDs
    - Keep grocery spends in budget
    - Keep personal spends under £20 (this includes a lunch out next week)
    - If possible, don't dip into my £40 buffer. Any remaining by payday to go to a mortgage OP
    - Get on top of laundry and housework (today's job)
    - Get outside every day
  • Lunch out was really nice, and came in under budget. £8 left in personal spends for the week.

    Aiming for my first NSD this week, but we do need milk and bread so I may need to do a top up shop.
  • Weekly grocery shop done: £51 :eek: so £6 over budget :o. Shuffled a pot to cover the shortfall. Now to ensure NO money on food until payday next week!

    2 NSDs so far this week, aiming for a third tomorrow.
  • NSD 3 achieved :j.
  • Weekend check in:

    - 3 days until payday
    - Grocery budget at minus £6 (actually 0 now I've done a bit of shuffling)
    - Personal spends £8
    - Pots and small savings £40

    Charity shop diving today, so some of the pots may be spent (clothes budget) if I can find anything suitable. But no lunches out or expensive coffee shops!
  • That was a very successful trawl through the charity shops - work trousers for me and some great quality clothes for DH and the kids. Slightly over budget but still on track overall :).
  • A lovely quiet and sunny day with the kids today. And a rarely spotted weekend NSD :j.

    Dinner is cooking, think I might trawl the cupboards for flapjack ingredients while I have the oven on.

    Goals for next week:

    - £3 left in the budget until payday (thankfully that's Tuesday :D)
    - Aim for 3 NSDs
    -Rejig YNAB budget and redo some categories
    - Fill my pots and see if I have enough left over for an extra OP
    - Grocery and household spends no more than £70
  • Payday today, woohoo! I had a warm glow when I saw my healthy bank balance, but it soon faded as YNAB meticulously ate all my money and turned out a realistic budget ;). I was sensible and made sure to budget for a couple of extra items I know are coming up this month, including a probably holiday expense.

    This has meant I haven't quite hit my monthly target for OPs, but I rounded down the balance and don't have far to go. I have a pretty healthy grocery and spending budget this month, so there is an opportunity to save there if I am FRUGAL and ORGANISED.

    Jan/Feb totals:

    Mortgage: £160,850 / £171,000
    EF: £1925 / £3000 (end of year target)
    Groceries: £400
    Fun money (incl. half term): £250

    Total OPs this month: £121.57 / £134.50

    I can also report my first NSD of the week, but last week's impressive 4 NSDs are likely to be offset by an extra Bought Lunch this week due to work commitments. So I'm aiming for 2 NSDs but would be happy with 3 :).
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