Simple, sustainable and slow: Glenda's MF marathon

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  • Hooray I found my diary again! I expect there will be a lot of these posts today, some with additional Language.
    3 NSDs this week - target met  o:)
  • Well I am trying to navigate my way round the brave new forum - posting is actually easier on my phone (except for the GIGANTIC CURSOR TO SHOW WHERE I AM TYPING) so I think I can manage 😂. 

    It's been a glorious day here. An hour of clearing rubbish from the garden and an hour of pulling weeds at the allotment. Now I'm sitting outside with a cuppa and catching up. OK, so I'm in my coat but it still counts! 

    Not a NSD today, but a thoughtful spending day. I now have all supplies for the weekend and stuff to bake tomorrow with the kids. 

    The crocuses and mini iris are out and the cat is busy stalking birds (unsuccessfully). Happy days. 
  • The new forum thinks my name is Glenda S Ugerbean. I rather like it  :D
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    Gosh it's a bit breezy out there. Cat has been out, sniffed around and then very sensibly retreated. Am considering a short run before the rain arrives but if I'm dodging wheely bins I'll come straight home again. 
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    Gosh it's a bit breezy out there. Cat has been out, sniffed around and then very sensibly retreated. Am considering a short run before the rain arrives but if I'm dodging wheely bins I'll come straight home again. 
    Gosh go careful- it’s horrid where we are and we have two grumpy kitties refusing to go out to play! 
    First home- Oct’16 until June’21: £170.995- Overpayments made £13,784 (25% extra!).
    New forever home- Sep’21 £309,449 @ 2.05%. Plan to clear it before 30 years!!!!!!
  • I'm back and alive! Windy but not too bad, it's picking up now so I'll stay snug at home. I'm glad I decided to start clearing the garden yesterday, the garden umbrella would be a few doors down if it hadn't been stowed in the shed!
  • The benefit of yesterday's weather was an extra WEEKEND NSD! Woot!

    Goals for this week:
    - 3 NSDs
    - Grocery shopping under £60 (budget is £65)
     - Try to find another £10 for the bulky item collection (at £26/42)
    - Make time to relax in what is a very busy week
  • This week is proving to be a bit variable.

    - 1 NSD so far
    - After a sticky day at work, grocery shopping came in at £55 (higher than planned, never go shopping when stressed!)
    - Unneccessary purchases yesterday: logs so we could have a nice fire, beer because it had been a tough day, sweets ditto, candles ditto
    - At least I bought a Valentine card so that's done

    So I had a day of unplanned, stress-related spends but the damage wasn't awful (about £12) and the money was there. I shouldn't need a top-up shop, so while I'm just over my £60 goal for groceries, I still have £65 to last me until payday next week.

    Onwards to half term - which is bound to be more spendy but I'll be saving where I can. 

  • Thank goodness that week is over!

    MS wins:
    - 3 NSDs
    - Expenses payment has meant mini household pot is completed, so I can book my bulky item collection guilt free! 
    - Topped up the EF, now at £2030
    - Sent £20 to the mortgage, now at £160,800 

    Non MS:
    - A bit of emotional spending (but not too bad)

    Gratitudes: a nice, warm, watertight house, plenty of good food and household supplies, and interesting and challenging work.

    I'm really looking forward to having a couple of days off next week. We have £100 left in the fun money pot, so I can do some activities with the boys. 

    Aims for next week:

    2 NSDs (being realistic!)
    Don't overspend on food
    Don't dip into CB payment (arrives on Tuesday but earmarked for next month)

    Payday on Friday and my pots are still looking pretty good o:)

  • Half term officially survived and in budget 💪

    We has a nice couple of days out, and all spending was thought through and thoroughly enjoyed. Payday yesterday, and all pots are looking healthy. Aim for this weekend is to avoid unnecessary top up shops and keep on top of spending. 

    Totals are looking pretty good:

    EF £2200 / £3000 (may up my 2020 target)
    Mortgage £160,200 / £171,000, monthly OP target exceeded
    Grocery and fun money spends came in slightly under budget

    I'm nerdily enjoying my frugal planning, so hoping for another low spend month. I honestly haven't spotted any difference to our quality of life. We have the necessities, and actually having some savings is making me feel far more secure. 
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