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Hi everybody,
I am new to this website but hopefully I might get some help. I am getting married June 1st. I booked the venue over 12 months ago, paid a deposit of a few hundred pounds. The final payment needed to be paid about 2 months back. I rang up and gave them £1500 on a credit card and the rest from a debit card. My plan was just to get reward points and pay the credit card straight away. For some reason the venue still havent taken the money? This means I cant use my credit card incase they suddenly decide to take the payment. I have chased them up and they said that payment only get done on certain days of the week. How long do they have to take the payment or is it completely up to them? I dont want to keep pestering somebody to take my money (I shouldn't have to either). I'm also worried that come 1st June they still havent taken it. Any advice or comments will be appreciated.



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    I'm wondering if you would get a better response from the crdit card board instead of here, would you like me to move this over for you?
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    This is why a second credit card can be handy.

    You could ask how they are protecting your credit card details while the payment is waiting to be taken. They are almost certainly breaking the PCI DSS rules on data storage, so you could suggest that you will report them if they don't process the payment immediately, but this is probably going to cause them to have to pay a member of staff to come in specifically to process your payment, and is not going to endear you to the venue's management. I bet you will be needing their goodwill before your celebrations are over, so I think I would just wait for the payment to be taken.
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