How many properties did you view

How many properties did you view before choosing the place you bought? Are you a FTB or was it your subsequent house?

We viewed 9 properties last weekend and really liked one (the first one!). This was unexpected - we thought it would take us a few weeks to find what we wanted and we haven't even been to the second town we're considering buying in. As a result, we're a bit torn - obviously wary of buying the first place we see, but also don't want to miss out in case we don't find something we like more..


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    I was a first time buyer, saw one flat and bought it

    I had lived in enough rented flats to know what I could live with
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    I haven't viewed any as im still saving to buy. But as pp said ive lived in enough places to know my essentials. 4 beds. Driveway. Gardens. Not fussed abput decor because id redo ot anyway. That said along with price and location there are only 2 in my area to choose from at the minute!

    If you like it and it ticks the boxes then go for it!
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    5. My options were limited due to a very low budget and I didn't want a flat.
    No. 5 was so much better than the others in the same price bracket that I walked straight from viewing to the estate agent to make an offer.
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    SunnyCat wrote: »

    We viewed 9 properties last weekend and really liked one (the first one!). This was unexpected

    If you've viewed 9. Then go back and first property again. With second viewings you'll notice things you missed the first time. If you still like the property. Be brave. Make an offer.
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    I bought the first place I saw, but I rented in the city for 4 years prior and had been browsing Rightmove for most of that time as well so I knew what I wanted :p
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    OH and I viewed 3 properties.

    We got to the house and didn't like the look of the parking, we set foot into the house and within 5 mins we knew we had to have it.

    We went to view it again the 9am next day and put an offer in.

    It helped as we'd rented before and we knew what we could live with and the house surpassed anywhere we had lived before.

    FYI the parking is still the compromise, 6 years later, however neither of us have any plans to move any time soon.

    Good luck with your house hunting
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    5 or 6. We were ftb. We’ve been in our house nearly a year now and are very happy, was a difficult choice though. A toss up between living in my home village and spending 200k on 60m2 or spend the same on an estate a mile away for the same price but over 100m2. In the end we decided we wanted and needed the extra space, so that made a large part of the decision for us
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    10, subsequent buyers.

    Last time, we bought the first house we saw.
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    I think we viewed 10, but would have been 13 - 2 were removed from the market when we phoned to book a viewing and another the vendor was incredibly difficult about arranging a viewing.

    We viewed a mix across our budget - from total renovation to move straight in to.

    The house we bought was the last one we viewed but it's one that had been on my radar for sometime. The pictures were rubbish, there was no floor plan but upon reading the description it sounded good. It was one of those wierd situations it sounded too good to be true for the price but was also at the very max of our budget, so we put a pin it it until we had considered more affordable options.

    I second what was said above about arranging a second viewing. We did months down the line (conveyancing issues) after the vendors moved out, we both had a bit of a 'oh my god what have we done' moment which seriously made us consider if we wanted to proceed.
    We suddenly realised the house needed a lot more work than we had thought at first viewing ands it was already max budget - we found even more things after we moved in - they were bodger's!
    Don't regret it though, it was still the best house avalible for the money at the time.
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    First time was quite a lot, i'd say in excess of 20. Partly because the market was moving crazily at the time and also because we had a large search area. However, like Charlie, i saw one that had been at the top end of our budget at the start and it sold twice then was dropped by £15K when it came back up for sale, we viewed it, loved it and then second viewed it, we really thought we knew what we were buying but just like charlie we had the 'uh oh this was bodged' once we'd moved.
    I still don't regret it, it was the best house at that time.

    This time i still viewed plenty but i'd decided to reduce my budget, i saw one come up for sale, it ticked all my boxes so i made an offer there an then. I think as others have said, you have an idea of what you can tolerate and if on second viewing you still like it, go for it! Good luck :D
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