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O/S Daily Monday 29th April 2019

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nmlcnmlc Forumite
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O/S Daily Monday 29th April 2019

This is is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or SLOW internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred. When you make a post, if you feel like giving it a title, that will help others that don’t have the time to read everything skim through the thread quickly but if not it's not a problem. Please do not start a new daily thread before you go to bed at night because this often leaves things confusing with two daily threads live at the same time. The idea is that a member would start each new daily thread after they get up in the morning.

Morning everyone

Hugs to those that want/need one, to those who are poorly and those who are looking after a poorly person x

Happy birthday to those with birthday x

Bit misty this morning but hopefully that will burn off quite quickly.

DH and myself enjoying first cuppas, I've just eaten my porridge, he's just had toast and jam. DS1 now getting ready for work. DS2 settled and ok.

Lunch yesterday was roast chicken, mash, carrots, peas, (swede and green beans - me only) and gravy. Today's meal will be out somewhere between here and my sis's - where we're taking mum and dad for a few days - bit of a long haul though! We're both ready for a bit of a break though.

Keep safe and well x

nmlc x


  • camelot1001camelot1001 Forumite
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    Morning all

    Thanks for the start nmlc, have a good holiday.

    Up early for a swim before work and meeting friends after work for an early dinner.

    I'll catch up with you all later, I'm running a bit late. Take care.
  • redrubyredruby Forumite
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    Looks to be a nice day here but its very cold this morning and I struggled to get out of bed.

    Back to work today why do the weekends go so fast? Im sure the weeks don't go so quick !!

    Loved the marathon yesterday I was watching the finish line live online as my friend was due over the line unfortunately the website crashed just as she was getting there which is typical but she did well as did all of the runners.

    We took the pup to the beach yesterday and she had a wonderful time, she loves rolling in sand and gets it all over herself and runs and runs like a loon, she was shattered when we got back and she had to be showered off, she slept most of the afternoon / evening only getting up for her dinner :rotfl:

    Pork chops for dinner tonight with roasties veg and stuffing, the veg and pots are done so just need to cook the chops tonight.

    SO hope you are ok xx

    Have good days all xx
  • NelskiNelski Forumite
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    Morning :)

    Gorgeous blue sky here today if a bit chilly

    Escaping the cabin fever job today although I'm afraid it's still not finished. Need to visit a customer in Bridgend so i am off soon to start a long train journey. (7 hours in total with the return) Could have driven but would probably have been even more than 7 hours that way. Mulling over the fact that I could actually have got to Antigua or Canada in that time. Now lets think Antigua or Bridgend? Which to chose.

    I have my laptop, my kindle, my ipod and my phone and will get a paper at the station do like to watch the world go by too so shouldnt be bored. Also of course have my train gastronomy 2 rolls filled with pulled pork 2 fruit scones and a kit kat :o I do eat when I'm bored :D

    Anyway fingers crossed she remembers the meeting and its worth the effort in the long run. We could have done a teleconference but I do believe with this particular customer I need to be there

    Anyway have a good day all taff I think this is your last radio day so good riddance eh. SO Thinking about you lots hope that arrangements are not all down to you

    Quick cuppa before I head off me thinks
  • Morning everyone and happy Monday :)

    My weekend was uneventful, just the way I wanted it. A usual blend of exercise, sports, housework and some deserved rest.

    I've done most of my meal prep for the week which is cauliflower rice and spicy chicken for lunches and I also made some 'healthy' low-carb cookies to satisfy my sweet tooth but they look dry, so I'm not holding out much hope.

    My wrist is niggling me from boxing the other week so I'm undecided wither to go to yoga tonight. Either way, I'll go to the gym and do something, just maybe something less strenuous on it.

    Today will be NSD #13.

    Have a nice week everyone.
  • -taff-taff Forumite
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    Morning all! Day off today so gardening, followed by wombling, followed by shopping [maybe] is on the cards. I'll be pottering rather than heavy working though, the day is full of endless possibilities...
    Friends again had to be dragged away form the jigsaw yesterday. One of them borrowed one off me Saturday, she sent me a picture of the completed jigsaw Sunday night...I have created a monster :)
    One more cup of coffee and i'll begin....

    SO, hope you're doing as OK as you can be. More hugs. Nelski, have you done your modules now? Don't forget to have a rest before bananagate..TA, enjoy your day. Nanny, still decluttering? Mrs SD is a good cheerleader...AD, wotcha...Gers, hope mum continues to improve. Gintot, good news about OH..Hester, same to you, no more midnight trips in the dark hopefully..Holly, yo!
    Wotcha MIA's
    Merry Monday!
    Shampoo? No thanks, I'll have real poo...
  • TravellingAbuelaTravellingAbuela Forumite
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    Morning folks and thanks NMLC. Have a good break. It's a misty start here, but mild with it, and the sun is forecast to appear later.

    Nothing on the agenda for today so I think I will have a go at the windows with my new toy! The trial run on the shower screen was a success!

    No cooking today. Gammon and lots of veg left from yesterday to warm up for my dinner tonight. Lunch will be hm celery soup and a ham and salad bagel.

    DUMPLING some herbs on your kitchen window bottom could be an idea for you as an alternative to house plants. What about a bottle garden for your living room. You can buy them ready planted or empty to plant up yourself.

    Have a good day folks and ((HUGS)) for the poorlies, sad, worried or lonely. Thinking of TAFF, HOLLY, POPPY, SILVER OLDIE especially. GERS hope today is a good one with DM. DP1 that was a shock for you. Take care all xx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
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    GintotmelindaGintotmelinda Forumite
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    Morning all. I an currently telaxing in bed with a coffee. Back in the big bed last night as the 6 weeks are up and I feel confident that my restless sleeping won't disturb John ans I won't clonk him on the head in my sleep. Another milestone.!

    John is going out with a friend this afternoon and I have housework to do. Dinner tonight will be pork, chips salad and coleslaw. New potatoes if I can persuade the menfolk away from chips. I think there is trifle left for pudding.

    SO thinking of you today. Nmlc enjoy your break.
    Have as good a day as you can everyone.

    "It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world"
  • ScarletRibbonsScarletRibbons Forumite
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    Good morning, it's a grey morning here, don't know about the temp. Yesterday turned into a fairly nice day.

    We went to a nearby shopping centre because DH needs a new shirt for great nieces wedding, but had no success, even in M&S. He wanted a plain colour in a regular fit, not skinny fit, or even tailored. We'll go to Metrocentre or Newcastle, somewhere in the world there's a shirt for him surely.

    Nelski hope your day goes well, it must have been hard deciding between Antigua or Bridgend !Don't eat your grub too soon.

    Speky you've done well with all those no spend days.

    Nowt much on today except a haircut and blow dry, and taking Dgd to the craft session at the library after school, then she'll come for tea. That'll liven us up.

    Thinking of SO, at this difficult time in her life, and others who are poorly or sad.

    Take care folks xx
  • -taff-taff Forumite
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    I also made some 'healthy' low-carb cookies to satisfy my sweet tooth but they look dry, so I'm not holding out much hope.

    I used to make up muffin type cakes when I was doing weight watchers..Approximate recipe here - makes about 12
    3 or four mashed bananas, the riper the better, beat in 3 or four eggs, beat in 75g of flour, a dribble of almond essence or more of extract, a small heap of lidls sweetener [the one with the red or yellow lid], teasponn of baking powder. Mix up, spray tin with the 1 cal stuff, or not if it's non stick, portion out mix, throw in a few cranberries or sultanans in each one, spray tops with the 1 cal stuff, two or three sprays per top [ gives a better texture] cook for about twenty mins to half hour in the oven.

    These worked out as half a point each with WW, I would eat about 4 a day :) [when I could be bothered to cook them] They're not too sweet, but they're sweet enough. The fruit will drop to the bottom but it will plump up.

    Nelski, Antigua it is, let's go! dumpling, watch that cut. dp1, is she being monitored now?
    Shampoo? No thanks, I'll have real poo...
  • dumplingdumpling Forumite
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    Good morning everyone :hello:
    It's a bit grey out but at least it isn't raining. Steve is home today as he has booked it off as he has his cataract op tomorrow. Lilly has just left for college and Phoebe and Lee are still in bed.

    I have the first of three loads of washing on as it has piled up over the last week. I also need to chivvy the kids into running the hoover round and having a quick tidy up as it's looking a bit lived-in here.

    Thanks for all the advice about house plants. I hadn't considered herbs or a bottle garden so I will have a bit more of a think and do some research.

    Steve is off to make me some boiled eggs and soldiers for brekky as my tum is rumbling. We have to remember to take out some chicken for dinner tonight as well.

    Hope you all have a great day whatever you are up to, take care xx
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