Am I entitled to compensation

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask for advice but here goes.
Its a long story but I used to be a teaching assistant in a primary school (my dream job) however i was looking after a poorly child mother refused to take the child home early the child had slapped cheek syndrome unfortunately I caught it off the child, in adults it's called parvovirus woke up one morning couldn't move it felt like the flu but a Million times worse to cut along story short it's left me disabled with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia 😭. I had to give up work I used to be bed bound and in a wheelchair for a few years however I am a little better I use a stick now to get around and a wheelchair if it's a long day out. I just have to be careful not to catch any bugs/colds because my immune system is so bad a "normal person would have a cold for a few days/week but I'd be ill for a few weeks. I also need 2 knee replacements because of the Arthritis / Osteoarthritis. I also had to have all of my teeth removed because of the damage the medication was causing I now wear dentures. Not sure if I have a case as this was nearly 10 years ago. Thank you in advance for any advice or help.


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