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O/S Daily Thursday 25th April 2019

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nmlcnmlc Forumite
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O/S Daily Thursday 25th April 2019

This is is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or SLOW internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred. When you make a post, if you feel like giving it a title, that will help others that don’t have the time to read everything skim through the thread quickly but if not it's not a problem. Please do not start a new daily thread before you go to bed at night because this often leaves things confusing with two daily threads live at the same time. The idea is that a member would start each new daily thread after they get up in the morning.

Morning everyone

Hugs to those that want/need one, those who are poorly and those who are looking after a poorly person x

Happy birthday to those with a birthday x

Cloudy and overcast start to the day here, certainly looks like the forecast rain could put in an appearance at some point today, cooler too.

DH and DS1 getting ready for work, and I'm showered, dressed and enjoying first cuppa and porridge whilst on here.

Dinner last night was roast chicken thighs topped with a chicken seasoning and pasta with a bacon and mushroom sauce, very nice it was too. Not sure what we'll be eating tonight, but need to organise later. I need to go to town first thing, visit the bank and building society, then get off to work to do the training session, I then have a nail appointment this afternoon.

Yesterday work was slow to start off with but then got busier again, and we were quite steady for most of the day with people still coming in 2 minutes before we were due to shut. I'll be pleased to have some proper time off next week, although I have quite a few jobs to do in this time off before next week starts.

Keep safe and well x

nmlc x


  • redrubyredruby Forumite
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    Morning all

    Overcast and gloomy here and a bit chilly this morning more rain due later on.

    Off to work, it seems to have been a long week for a shorter week !!

    Some sort of pasta tonight with salad and doughballs the fridge is looking a bit bare but im sure I will cobble something together.

    S O how is your mum doing ?

    Hope everyone else is ok xx

    Have good days all xx
  • TravellingAbuelaTravellingAbuela Forumite
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    Morning folks and thanks NMLC. It's a parky one this morning after what we have been used to but at least, for now, it's fine! Rain forecast later. We had a really torrential downpour last night but fortunately it didn't last.

    The highlight of my day is going to be a trip to Aldi! DD is picking me up on her way with the school run. I haven't been for 3 weeks, I have been living from the freezer, store cupboards etc, with fresh stuff from my M & S bus trips, and too much eating out! I need to do some more batch cooking and replace what I have eaten.

    I really could do with cleaning the windows this afternoon. A job I hate and keep putting off. I hate most jobs come to that but I suppose they have to be done!

    Have a good day folks if you can and ((HUGS)) for all the poorlies, sad, worried or lonely. Thinking of you all and our absent friends. Take care xx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
  • ScarletRibbonsScarletRibbons Forumite
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    Good morning, and thanks NMLC.

    It's sunny here, but cold. I think the weather has to deteriorate later.

    How are things with your Mum SO?

    Ordinary day yesterday - Dh collected Dgd from school, and she immediately got into "making", we have to as well of course. I showed her how to make a little card basket, and filled it with tiny chocolate eggs to take home for her Mum, she was quite entranced!! 6 is a lovely age - she's a live wire and keeps us on our toes though!!

    I vacuumed after she'd gone, and did a few little jobs then sat down with a glass of wine.

    Today, it's just housework, this afternoon I'll go to card making.

    TA, I hate window cleaning as well, but last year I bought a Karch*r window vac, it's great. I just got the basic one. You can use it for mirrors and tiles as well.

    Hope everyone has an ok day, thinking of our poorly people and their carers.

    Take care folks xx
  • Good morning,

    We got thunder late yesterday afternoon but I unfortunately couldn't see any lightning. A mix of clouds and being stuck inside work. It's my favourite weather. It utterly fascinates me and most of the time I've experienced it, it's been quite muggy/warm and yesterday was no different. After natures theatrics I went to the gym for bit then home to catch up on GoT before bed.

    No gym this morning, despite booking a spin class. I forgot I have an external meeting so I've had to get myself 'dolled up' for it and you can't really in those gym changing rooms. My hairdryer died on me this morning, so I'll need to do some digging around for a bargain new one. It can wait for now. Football training tonight and not much else planned.

    Yesterday was NSD # 11
  • camelot1001camelot1001 Forumite
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    Morning All

    Another bright and sunny morning, there was a shower or two during the night but not enough to water the garden, looks like it could rain this afternoon though.

    I'm still off work, I've eaten a little but feel totally washed out. I couldn't really sleep last night so going back to bed once the washing has finished and I can peg it out.

    Thinking of the poorlies and their carers, take care. XX
  • Another day of not much planned. It is breezy and showery here so not a great incentive to walk up to Lidl or catch the bus anywhere. John is looking forward now to having his 3 month check up and reapplyong for his driving licence back.

    Well enjoy your day all. Hugs to everyone who needs one.

    "It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world"
  • nannywindownannywindow Forumite
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    Morning all
    We still have rain ..... and hail !
    I had a bad night last night and woke at 2.30 feeling extremely hot, so I got up had a cup of tea and finally went back to bed at 5.30 when I felt cooler. I have no idea what that was about but I feel ok this morning, just tired.
    My plans for today are hoovering and dusting downstairs, as my house feels neglected. It's not really, but it's worrying me ( as is money, health, the state of the world etc....:rotfl: )

    Dad has an invite for tea but he won't come if it's raining..... that's fine as I have no idea what we will have. There is plenty in the house anyway, so we won't starve.
    Nelski If your Mum is anything like Dad, she would have been scrutinising every item in Morries, whether planning on buying it or not. " Look at the price of that ! It's only such and such a price in so and so's shop ! " and " Don't buy things from that country, they shouldn't be allowed to grow it there " and so on......... :(. I hope the work starts to improve for you too. :A.
    Holly I'm glad your DB got in touch, eventually. Take things easy my friend.
    Taff did you enjoy the film ? My SiL and DGS were going at the 8am showing. Take care of yourself :A
    SilverOldie I hope you, your DH and DM are still ticking along. I shall send extra special hugs to you all.
    Gintot I'm glad John is slowly recovering. I hope it takes a weight off your mind.
    Camelot get well soon.
    TA I'll swap your window cleaning for my ironing :D
    ScarlettR I have found the joy of glitter glue and it seems to do the trick with my DGD.

    I hope all the workers have a good day ( and of course those who are ladies/ gentlemen of leisure ;) )

    Take care all
    nan xx
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
  • NelskiNelski Forumite
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    Morning (just) :)

    Having another break from the dreaded workbook writing and I would be lying if I said its going well. I have 8 modules to research and write and after a fullish day yesterday and this morning have just started 2 :( Will defo be doing this into day 3 and [STRIKE]possibly[/STRIKE] definitely into the weekend. Would love to blame the big bad client but I'm afraid it is a lack of focus and ease of distraction on my part. Strategically placed rockets are required I feel :cool:

    A small bonus is that it's not sunny cos goodness knows how little work would be done if the garden was calling :D Rained quite hard here last night and the garden does seem to be wet so hopefully my grass seeds may now start to do something.

    In other riveting news I had sausage egg beans and toast last night just cos I fancied it and tonight I am going for a mother of a salad to clear the fridge out

    nannygoodness knows!! It's not even a big morries. I have a feeling she visits every aisle... possibly more than once and in a scattergun strategy to avoid any sense of order and to stretch out the time.

    SO Thoughts are with you and Mr SO.

    Right there is no avoiding this anymore ...I'm going back in....actually though my windows need doing too
  • Hard_Up_HesterHard_Up_Hester Forumite
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    Afternoon all

    Thanks for the thread nmlc and hugs to all those in need.

    Things are gradually calming down here, the new boat is bigger so I now have a full size cooker, fridge and freezer and we don't have to unfold the bed every night.

    CHS is still attending Stroke Club every week and I have volunteered to cook for them twice a month, they lost their last cook due to finanacial cutbacks. I'm cooking cottage pie next week with upside down cake for sweet. there are between 25 and 30 people attending each week.

    He has an interview at work and a occ health interview next week, he still has 6 month half pay sick leave left. I'm assuming they will try to persuade him to either go back before he is ready or give his notice in to save them some money.

    Ginto, I'm glad to hear John is improving, Camelot I hope you feel better soon.

    Have a good afternoon everyone.
    Hugs Hester
    Chin up, Titus out.
  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    DGDs 1 and 2, both 14 made a burger with usual accompaniments and wedges lunch so just the three workers left to fend for themselves, have advised them and it's up to themselves now.

    Heavy but"soft" rain here until a couple of hours ago, nice now but would take no bets that it will stay that way.

    Nothing exciting happening here, DD4 and her girls were here this morning for their snack.......strawberries, grapes, ham and cheese roll and yogurt rice cake each they are such big eaters.....DGD6 was not happy to go home as she has not been here on her own since DD has been on holidays.......she loves to be here on her own.

    Love to all, stay safe.

    Weight 08 February 86kg
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