Day trips from Bromley (kent/surrey)


Just wondering if anyone can offer any tips, we are staying in Bromley and seeking a day trip south e.g. around Kent/Surrey where we can drive to within 1 hour from Bromley and maybe offers walks/town/countryside/parks etc. Does anyone have any tips on where we can go and has easy parking and things to do? I have considered Surrey and Boxhill for example, but its hard to establish this online.

Also considered going Brighton on the weekend so that’s an option.



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    Chartwell, Westerham, and my personal top of the list would be Leeds Castle.

    Dover would be more like an hour and a half, but Canterbury would only be about 70 minutes. Then there’s Faversham, Oare Marshes and whitstable ...
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    Oh, and don’t forget Eltham Palace.
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    Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway gets my vote.

    Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!:mad:
    Cos if you do it today and like it...You can do it again tomorrow.. :p

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    The Chislehurst Caves are very close to Bromley and are fascinating.
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    I'd certainly second Leeds Castle. Or what about Scotney Castle? Canterbury is great, but liable to be full of tourists, of course, just like London (and quite frankly, I think I'd go by train, even though it is slower than 30 years ago! 3 trains an hour from Bromley South, IIRC!) There are loads of National Trust properties which would meet your requirements, I suspect - and there's a nice band of them around the M25, I think (I travel by public transport, so am a bit out of touch roads-wise). Sevenoaks and Knole House? Chartwell, as others have suggested (buses I think Sundays and Bank Holidays only, otherwise only as far as Westerham)? Sissinghurst? Chilham Castle. Hever Castle is another one I really like, but please watch out for us poor pedestrians when driving around those narrow lanes!
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