Mechanical Turk

I was googling to see if they found Steve Fossett (lost in USA and no they haven't) when i came across this

its a bit late at night now,so i will let others evaluate

and no , i won't be paying for a HIT:p
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  • janet6267
    Have had a quick look but am off to work so will try and take another look later, isn't it amazing what you find when browsing.
  • sra
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    Last time I looked it seemed (and I could be wrong) that you could only be paid money into an account which you can't use in the store
  • Wings_of_Ambition
    Some of the hits are people wanting you to write positive reviews for their websites/referral links. I'd feel a bit mean doing that, especially knowing someone might then use that link to pay lots of money for a crappy service.
  • golddustmedia
    I've used that before but you have to do a lot to get anything.

    Having used spare bits of time at work it took me about 10 hours to get less than $10 USD off at Amazon. Hardly worth it!

    There are some that pay more, for example audio typing or translation but the work has to be graded etc. Probably worthwhile if you're in the third world where a few dollars is a lot but to the UK market you'll make more elsewhere.
  • PurpleSmile
    Anyone used this before?

    I just joined up and made $0.30 which I know isn't much but it took me like 5mins.
    I just had to look at a image, say if it was a photograph or a painting. Give a couple of tag words and its was $0.05 for each one.
    There are jobs on there for $10

    anyway I dind't wanna do anymore without seeing opinions. I see all the reviews are good by doing a google search, but not seen any uk users. We are allowed to use it. Just not seen any uk members review it.
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  • red_devil
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    I think its for americans.
  • Jenna_Appleseed
    I've used it but not for ages, got bored with it. It's American biased and iirc unless you're living in the US &or have a US bank account you only get your earnings added to your account on Amazon US (dot com version).
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  • red_devil
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    so it no good for people who dont live in America or have us bank account then?


  • DS4215
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    Americans and Indians can be paid in cash, everyone else is paid in gift vouchers (note .com, not You can order stuff from there, but there might be VAT and customs duty to add on when its delivered (expect long delivery times also) - and some sellers won't deliver some items outside the US either.

    I believe it is possible to sell something on eBay and use your Amazon vouchers to pay for it (and delivery) so you get the cash through Paypal, if you can be bothered.
  • aminegriffy
    Hello I just want to register with Mturk but it's impossible as the website asks for SSN which is US only . I remember many of my friends used Mturk back in the day, I don't know why Mturk doesn't accept sign ups from the UK . Is there any reason why it stopped sign ups world wide and made it US only ? Because it's such a shame it's a decent money website.
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