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Moral of this story is look elsewhere 1st.

However my experience of Wren customer service instore, online and by phone has been nothing but positive.

Over the course of 3.5 hrs on a tuesday night and then a further 2.5 hrs on a saturday pm we designed and bought a nice Wren kitchen (kitchen units & install only) ....... for just over 10k! (Down from 24k in the sale ;) )

We also had to massively compromise on what we wanted to get it down to that price.. it was the last day of the sale and they were holding the sale prices.

Anyway.... our eyes were further opened by a kitchen fitter and we did the rounds with stores to see if we could get what we originally wanted, cheaper. Answer yes. By about 6k to include all other works!

Wrens policy is to contact your designed to cancel. He told me to call head office. Head office did so with immediate effext. No pressure to stay, no hard sell etc. Refund of our deposit was back within 4 working days despite being told 6-10.:beer:

Now to buy a cheaper kitchen with better appliances for a fraction of the price!


  • Hi 
    Just wanted to ask did you sign a provisional and pay the deposit? 
    We have done the same and are now having second thoughts but its months ago we paid it and we've had to postpone everything anyway due to the current restrictions. So we haven't confirmed a date to start. So basically what I'm asking were you in a similar situation? I actually thought we might be locked in to the contract having already paid the deposit so it would be good to know that we could come out of it.

    Thanks in advance!

  • askeym
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    I used to run an advertising studio which had the MFI account. We advertised their 'never-ending-sale' for 13 years and their downfall was lack of proper customer service. A few years later Wren sprung up from nowhere selling the same Hygena and Schreiber units and the self same problems occurred with 100s of dissatisfied customers and 1000s of complaints. Maybe now they've learned from their mistakes and improved. Let's hope so.
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  • Rosa_Damascena
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    Wren showrooms are beautiful but there is no way I would ever buy from them, based on countless horror stories I have heard. To me it looks like all the investment is at the front end of operations (ie the hard sell) and nothing to back it up with. The supply chain and CS must be strengthened if Wren is to continue at scale.
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  • DoaM
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    We have a new Wren kitchen ... their CS has been fine, even with the COVID-19 shenanigans. (I'm not saying everything went smoothly, but they've not left us out on a limb. We also recently managed to do the final quality check, found a couple of doors with dings on the edges [not normally noticeable, but once SWMBO has seen then they're indelibly dyed in her mind] and Wren sent out replacement doors).
  • We have just had a wren kitchen fitted. Between the designer and the surveyor, they have miss measured our kitchen by at least 40cms at one end and the other end is a completely different finish. According to their customer care it's our fault for not checking the plans and measurements before signing the contract. But, as I've tried to explain to them, we finalised the design and signed the contract on the same day so never had the opportunity to check that they professional surveyor or designer had actually done their jobs properly.
  • BillTrac
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    We went down the Wren route a couple of years ago. I am a more than competent DIY-er and was looking for supply only. The salesman lied and said that if any issues arose that having their installers fit it would ensure that any replacements etc would be delivered the next day so as we wanted a smooth install before our holiday we agreed.
    Kitchen arrived on day agreed so all good, although they managed to damage a light fitting and clock which took hundreds of emails to sort. Except when the fitters turned up and checked 11 out of 32 doors were missing!! I thought, ok they will be here tomorrow so will be while the fitters are here. Nope, took ten days as that was the next delivery date for our area. Then it was still missing five doors! It took three deliveries and four weeks to finish the five day kitchen install (It didn't help that the two-man install team we had been promised, comprised one fitter who kept disappearing and his mate who didn't seem to know what he was doing) They were expensive as well.
    The full height larder unit worked fine until we actually pay stuff in there and then you had to lift the door up to open. They hadn't fitted a humungous bracket at the bottom which I found when moving all the empty boxes. Two of the worktops hadn't been screwed down so moved. And they had cut worktop with the recessed sink in badly resulting in a cut from the worktop front edge to the sink and and had been repaired with glue. think they thought I wouldn't notice under there. 
    Just to make it clear I have no issues with the units themselves. I have been around every single one tightening screws on runners and hinges etc. But I would certainly recommend NOT using their installation teams.

    Another issue, while I remember. If a replacement is delivered they don't like taking the old bit away.

  • I have just had a granite worktop/ splashback delivered from wren. This came with a very distinctive blob of a mark in a prominent position when it is supposed to look like marble. Wren are arguing it is a natural variation and trying to rely on their standard terms and conditions. This is very disappointing when so much money has been spent buying the kitchen and paying to have it installed.  Do you have any recommendations for dealing with Wren?
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    Picture of blob .
  • dinglebert
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    JJ_Egan said:
    Picture of blob .

    Blob looks invisible to me.
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