CBeebies land @ Alton towers - how bad are the queues?

I was looking at stopping at Alton Towers for a day with the kids (3 & 2), but the reviews seem to mention queues of up to an hour for some rides. Are they really that bad?
I can probably get 10-20 minutes waiting out of mine but an hour would be a nightmare!


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    That very much depends when you go. I've only ever been during off-peak times and there were no queues to speak off. I'd imagine that weekends and school holidays would be horrific.
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    We're potentially looking at a Sunday and Monday, a couple of weeks before the school holidays start. I might just try and find something else for the Sunday!
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    Queues of up to an hour for the big rollercoasters during nice sunny Saturdays and school holidays yes, but I highly doubt the rides in CBeebies will be anywhere near that, especially not outside school holidays.
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    This will give you an idea if you look the week before you intend to go , i would say Monday is the better day


    As we speak some rides are an hour in Cbeebies land at 17:09 on a Saturday they would have been higher earlier in the day , i would think Sunday will be the same
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    We went a few years ago and headed to Cbeebies land first as my youngest nephew could get on everything. The queues were so horrendous that we went on a few things and then quickly moved to other areas of the park.

    That wasn't through the summer holidays.
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