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We have decided to get another cat as we think our cat would benefit from a friend. We have seen one we like, he's a lovely 1 year old fluff ball. He has been owned, sent to a foster, adopted, then brought back to the same foster. The foster lady said that he had been very social prior to being adopted, and was brought back due to "allergies" but the adopter also said that he attacked her son. They had only had him 4 weeks, which makes me think that they didn't give him enough time to settle in and attacked when the child went to play with him. Now he's very timid. He was ok with the foster lady, and was very sweet towards us when we stroked him, I know that he needs to just come out of his shell. We expect this will take a long time.

His original owner didn't flea him, so he had a terrible case of fleas and has scratched himself silly. They also cut his fur, it feels much more course than it should. It's like they've shaved it down (like a beard) rather than trimmed it properly. We're going to take him to the groomers as well to see if we can get it treated so it'll grow properly again.

We also have the task of introducing him to our current cat! Both are good with other cats so that's a start, but it'll be a long process with how timid he is :(

What are your experiences with adopted cats? When we adopted our first she was so confident!


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    I've introduced a second cat a few times with no real issues - my vet said they would never be best friends. The first pair used to play together but the latest abide one another ad occasionally the youngest (3, female) just flies at the eldest (7, male). She comes of worst but comes back for more. Next moment they are eating side by side or sleeping a few feet apart.

    Overall I'd much rather have 2 than 1
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    Introductions vary as much as cats' characters do. We usually keep the newbie in a separate room and scent swap, only allowing (gradual) contact when both cats seem happy with the scent of the other. I know some people just bring the second cat home and expect the to get on with each other - and sometimes that works!

    My current 2 incumbents have been together with us for nearly 3 years and are now at the stage where they tolerate each other. There are the occasional scuffles but no hissing or spitting. They will sleep close together - but always facing apart. I have seen the girl-cat washing the boy's ears, but he pretends to be not notice!
    It's not difficult!
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    Charlotte - is the existing cat male or female ?
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    Please look at the RSPCA, Blue Cross and Cats Protection websites about how to introduce cats BEFORE you get the new cat home.
    Jackson Galaxy is also very good with cat introductions and how to keep the peace.

    The idea of a "friend" is a human one. As long as a cat has lots of human interaction with appropriate play, then he's usually fine.
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    Don't be alarmed if your current cat behaves oddly. We got a kitten and one of mine took to the top of the fridge and wouldn't eat for a week. Even rejected dreamies and she's an addict. Had me very worried but a week in she came down and all was back to normal.
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    When I was a child we had a cat. A kitten followed my dad home one night and joined the household.

    Our existing cat moved out to live with neighbour.
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    A neighbours cat had kittens. Most were found homes, but they decided to keep two. All well for about a year, but then the mother cat found herself another home and moved out. The former kittens when grown up made her life miserable.

    We had two cats, litter mates, both boys. They got on well as kittens and enjoyed playing together. As adults they at best tolerated each other.

    Cats are solitary animals and don't need "friends". They are not like dogs, which are pack animals by nature.

    By all means get another cat if you want one, but it's for you, not for your existing cat.
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    We got a rescue who fitted in with us purrfectly ( see what I don't there ? :) ) then mother got a kitten :(

    Our poor Arthur is bullied beyond belief

    We have a huge house, but Arthur has to find places to hide

    Both neutered males

    I honestly think, if your cat is used to being a lone cat, leave well alone
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    I have had varying experiences over the years but now, if I was going to have two cats then I would go to a rescue and get a couple who had lived together and were proven to get along.

    I, actually, prefer having two but current cat just doesn't do other cats. Although he is a big boy who looks like a bruiser with battered ears he is easily bullied (like suki1964's Arthur). I did take in another stray - a lovely little cat. She, easily, dominated him and he would sit in the hall, miserably, while she sat on my lap or ate the food. And she was much smaller than him. When she died I was clear that no more cats while Rodney was still alive.

    He is much more relaxed now He is an indoor cat (FiV) so I don't have to worry about his interaction with the local cats. He follows me everywhere and shows off if I am out all day. But I am retired so he sees a lot of me!

    I am inclined to agree with the comment about getting the cat for yourself. I have had multiple cats over the years and they all tended to do their own thing - have different parts of their house as their domain etc
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