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April price rises kick in today - act now to beat the hikes

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A new wave of price hikes hit today, from council tax and prescriptions to energy and broadband - and while you can't stop the rises, there are still plenty of ways to cut these bills...
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'April price rises kick in today - act now to beat the hikes'
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  • MichaelwMichaelw Forumite
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    It would interesting with the talk of faraday cage's and foil if someone didn't place one these over their smart meter hub's hence not updating the meter pricing in prepayment mode.there may be signal leakage at the rear of the hub.The supplier is unlikely to be bothering to check.
  • Annie8Annie8 Forumite
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    I am looking to move from EDF as the have put up our off peak electricity from 9.32p to 15.02p. I have got three meters, one gas and two electric. I am trying to complete details on comparison sites but none of them seem to ask about two electricity meters, or about the off peak rate. Can anyone give me some advice please? Sorry if this is not in the right bit of the forum, I am new on here
  • Thomas_EdisonThomas_Edison Forumite
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    Annie, it sounds you've got a related electricity supply this basically means 2 MPAN's instead of 1, normally this is due to having storage heaters.

    The simplest thing to do is see if your current supplier will replace your current set up with a smart meter, you'll then be able to do a whole of market comparison.

    Otherwise, you'll need to find out your MPAN numbers from your bills on getting in touch with your current supplier. You I would then need to contact suppliers directly, some have complex metering teams that help with these sort of queries.

    Also look up suppliers with restricted meter tariffs.
  • Annie8Annie8 Forumite
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    Thank you for your reply. Yes, we do have storage heaters. Smart meter is not available, I signed up for one months ago. Sorry I don’t know what MPAN numbers are? What are restricted meter tariffs?
  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Annie 8 - there's no reason why you shouldn't change your gas supplier now. It doesn't have to be treated as a dual fuel.

    Put your actual annual consumption into a comparison site. As your heating is by electric I imagine your gas usage is quite small.
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  • MichaelwMichaelw Forumite
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    9.32p to 15.02p.

    Thats an amazing increase for Economy 7 users,It would wipe out any real benefit to that tariff.My maths are terrible but that looks like around a 70% increase.

    These energy prices are really getting out of hand.Its no wonder suppliers are eager to install smart meters.Theres no thought to the ability to pay energy is not a luxury.Simply installing prepayment devices is masking the problem.
  • Annie8Annie8 Forumite
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    Thank you everyone for your reply’s. Yes it’s a huge increase, and will put a strain on our finances. Just to clarify it’s not Economy 7, it’s an off peak rate, we have two meters for electric, one only comes on at night for 9 hours, which is the off peak meter. That is the problem I have in that comparison sights do not mention this type of meter. I have not read all of the info matelodave kindly sent me, I hope there might be some advice in there.
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