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Help for my niece

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celbellecelbelle Forumite
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Hi All

I wondered if anyone could give me any names of charities who may be able to help my niece. She sadly lost her Mum to cancer when she was 6 years old and last year her Dad (my brother) also passed away from cancer. She is just about to turn 16. She is obviously struggling with her mental health and is having counselling but I’m wondering if there are any charities who may be able to do something nice for her, a special day out or some kind of grant towards singing lessons as she has a beautiful voice. She has no savings and nothing good to look forward too and I’d love to cheer her up and show her that life is worth living.

Thanks in advance.


  • cattiecattie Forumite
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    What a lovely caring person you sound & being Mother's Day today I expect your niece feels the loss of her parents more so.

    I don't know of any charities, but wonder if it's worth you contacting somebody like Macmillan, who do so much to help those affected by cancer, to see if they can offer any help or point you in the right direction.

    If no charities can be tracked down then perhaps you'd consider setting up a GoFundMe page for her, where good hearted people can make donations towards something that would bring some cheer into her life.
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  • MojisolaMojisola Forumite
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    ✭✭✭✭✭ for on-going support.
  • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
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    It could be worth contacting MacMillan Nurses for suggestions - they must have come across this sad situation in the past and might be able to direct you towards possible support/help. The key here would be her singing - how about trying to contact that lovely Gareth chap who creates choirs for some help? Or maybe there's a local drama or musical group who would welcome her? Try the local library for information.
  • p00hsticksp00hsticks Forumite
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    You don;t say whereabouts she lives, but if it's the West Midlands these might be worth contacting
  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    Googling brought up several options which might be useful - MacMillan and Winston's Wish, but also Child Bereavement UK, Maggie's Centres, Cruse ... what's available locally will vary. And I would encourage you to keep going on this now, while she's under 18, because that may be the cut-off point for some help.

    However, as a one-off treat or on an ongoing basis, I've found Buddy Boxes to be a great resource for encouraging people going through a difficult time.
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  • celbellecelbelle Forumite
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    Thank you all for taking the time to reply. My niece lives in East Sussex but I live in Wiltshire.
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