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I'm looking for pet insurance for our two kittens that we got from a rescue.

I am not looking for the cheapest pet insurance. I want either life time insurance or the type that allowed for claims on the same thing in following years.

I know the obvious is Pet Plan & I already have a quote from them. However do you have decent insurance & they are reasonable to deal with if you make a claim. ?


Jen xxx


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    Both my daughter and I insure our dogs through Animal Friends, luckily neither of us have ever claimed but they do seem ok. Worth atry
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    Have a look at Bought By Many. Not a personal recommendation but others have reported good reviews.

    Coop pet insurance has the same underwriters as Petplan so may be worth a look.

    A friend has used Tesco pet insurance for years with claims for allergy testing for hr dog and is very happy with them.

    Animal friends have several bad reviews for refusing claims so you read the policy document carefully so you know exactly what they do and do not cover.
    Others are happy with them.

    They do interpret their policy conditions strictly so you need to read the policy document very carefully so you know what you are and are not covered for. This, of course, applies to any policy that you are considering.
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    If you are a member of Which? Or know someone who is they have done what looks like a fairly comprehensive review/ analysis of the market. Their tables are not laid out or formatted in such a way that I can copy and paste.

    Which? say "We've analysed more than 40 cat insurance policies to give you a shortcut to getting the best one based on the quality of cover.

    Our policy scores are made up of Which?'s expert views on the amount of cover you get for vet bills, along with seven other elements of a policy. The higher the score, the better we've rated the policy.

    In our tables, you can find:

    The full results from our analysis of dozens of different cat insurance policies, including our unique policy scores. A full breakdown of how each pet insurer is rated for customer service, value for money, transparency of charges, experience with making claims and much more. Individual overviews of each provider, revealing everything from the deals they offer to how thousands of real customers rate different aspects of their service.

    The scores are calculated by rating eight key features. 60% of the score is for vet-fee cover and how this pays out.

    The remaining 40% is a combination of the following: euthanasia, cremation/ burial, dental cover, kennel fees, advertising and reward fees, death by accident and illness cover and policy fees."
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    I first insured my current dog with Pet Insurance 3 years ago. Within 3 months he required a cruciate ligament operation. I thought I may encounter problems with the company paying out but they were brilliant. I had to pay 25% towards costs.

    Roll forward 2 years and the premiums were at 3 times the amount at £54 per month. I discovered that Pet Insurance were underwritten by Equine and Livestock, who have their own online company called The Insurance Emporium. I have gone with them, they are 40% cheaper.

    Yes I am aware that he is no longer covered for ligament problems but in my defence he has had both ACLs worked on, been clear of pain for 2.5 years and is now elderly. Yes it is a risk.

    The point of my post is to advise that I was happy with the Pet Insurance company.
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    I have recently gone with boughtbymany for the insurance for two puppies. £38pm for the two of them with the complete cover which is £15000 a year.

    I had 2 German Shepherds covered with Animal Friends and I had so much trouble with them when they tried to screw me on a claim. I fought them and fortunately I won. It really put me off them and ended up going elsewhere.

    But like most things, you pay your money and take your choice.
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    I have my dog insured with Bought By Many and had to make a claim last year. It was brilliant in that it was all done very quickly and simply online - no printing off a form and having to take it to the vet etc. They contacted the vet for details and paid them direct, all done and dusted in a couple of weeks.
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  • sooty&sweepsooty&sweep Forumite
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    Thanks everyone

    I think I'll be having a closer look at Bought by Many.

    I personally think you get what you pay for with insurance.

    I want good value but I don't want cheap because as soon as you try & claim they'll find every reason not to pay.


  • Deep_In_DebtDeep_In_Debt Forumite
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    I insured my last cats with More Than. They were very good and no quibble when I claimed and they paid out quickly too.
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    harrys_nan wrote: »
    Both my daughter and I insure our dogs through Animal Friends, luckily neither of us have ever claimed but they do seem ok. Worth atry

    As you said, luckily neither off you have ever claimed so ... lease google reviews of this particular company, the ones from people who actually tried to claim - truly shocking.

    If possible, if no history of health issues (even if not claimed but vet visits and notes exist) - please for your own and your cats' sake, change the insurer as you are wasting your money
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    We're with More Than who paid out several claims (!!) in our first year with no issue. However, the premium more than doubled the next year and to keep the lifetime cover we had to stay with them.

    With any future pets, I'm tempted to go with PetPlan. I hear that they're more expensive to start with, but increase your premiums less in the event of claims...
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