Tree Felling.


I don't know if i am posting in the correct place, so sorry if this post doesn't belong here.

I know a couple in their fifties, whom on of them has a multitude of permanent conditions such reynards,,fibro, etc.
They want to make more use of their back garden, but there is a big problem preventing this.
They have three, established, 70ft trees that require chopping down.
They have had quotes,,and the cheapest is a £1000 per tree.
Needless to say they have nowhere near enough money to pay for one tree felling, never mind three.
I recently put a post on a local facebook community site,,cheekily requesting if anyone professional would fell them for free.
In return they would get the wood which they could sell, use, etc.
There is enough wood there to last several winters in a wood burner, or chipped would cover a large play area surface, or maybe even borders.
Also i am aware that there are people out there who are wood sculpterers.
The only responses i got to the post were people offering paid services, having clearly not read the initial post fully.

I was wondering if there are any kind hearted groups, professionals, or services available that assist disabled people with garden management.
I realise it is a long shot.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your time.


  • GlasweJen
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    You're best asking the council but they'll probably want something for the job. A bit of wood that you'll need to dry out for 2 years before it's any use is hardly compensation for felling 3 70foot trees.
  • fwor
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    Unfortunately anyone who works on trees professionally will have unavoidable costs that they need to cover, such as chainsaw chains, fuel, rigging ropes and slings, protective gear, certificates of competence, public liability insurance and a whole load of other things. You can't reasonably expect anyone to do the work for nothing, because they will probably make a loss, even if they sell the wood.

    If you want a more reasonable cost then get more quotes - I was recently quoted £500 by several companies to fell a slightly smaller tree, and the company that eventually did the work cost £230 all-in.

    One other thing that they should ask themselves: do they really need to chop down the trees? What is it about the trees that is preventing them using the garden? Generally, most of a tree is up in the air (obviously) which typically doesn't stop use of the area at ground level. If it is just excessive shade and low-hanging branches, it may be better to get a "crown lift" and then the birds and other wildlife can continue to use the parts that remain. It should be a ~lot~ cheaper than chopping the trees down completely.
  • Thanks for the responses.

    I realise it is cheeky to ask but i just thought i would give it a go.
    I asked on our local community fb pages but no interest.
    Our community makes me laugh as if you are in the clique, everyone helps out and shows community spirit.
    Well we are not in the clique and never want to follow those sheep either.
    Anyway, as i said i just thought there might be some charitable soul out there who might come to the rescue and do a good deed.
    I guess things only happen like that on that tv programme diy sos.
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    Why are the trees causing them not to enjoy their garden
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • Because they want the space for the grandchildren and possibly a good sized shed for pottering around in.
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    Perhaps their children could cough up if its the grandchildren that are going to benefit? I can understand why you've tried to get some help but from what you've just said it isn't going to make much difference to them anyway.
    Can you help so our visitors can enjoy our garden doesn't really cut it with companies willing to give their time and possibly paid work to do it for free.
    I hope you manage to find some help for them but i think its unlikely :(
    Maybe put some swings on the branches for the grandchildren instead?
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  • You would also need to check that such trees aren't under TPO'S tree preservation orders.
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