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Puppy dilemma

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We are registered kc breeders of siberian huskies. One of our puppies went to a lady around 8 mths ago. To cut a long story short, she is inundating us with messages saying the dog went to her poorly and has had her at the vets every week, she has slated us as bad breeders and is now saying she thinks the dog may have cancer, twisted bowel etc.... Basically she's a crank. We have offered her money to get the dog back and is saying she would rather put her to sleep. We know dogs are classed as possessions and we have no right to take her, but is there anyone we can contact to get her back due to the her behaviour. The dog never goes out and now she's put her in a cage to conserve energy... She's a husky fgs. Any advice is appreciated


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    Depending what it says in the contract with your buyer, you might consult a solicitor with a view to starting private legal action. If you are a member of Which? or have good home/ pet insurance policies you may be able to get free legal advice.
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    There are two problems here.

    One , the claims regarding the dog's health. You could ask for confirmation from her vet, copies of vet bills. If no response consult a solicitor over false statements.

    Two, the conditions the dog is being kept in. You could talk to the RSPCA but whether they would act is debatable. If you do contact then quote the Animal Welfare Act

    The other alternative is to try and persuade her that it is in the dog's welfare to return him to you. use gentle persuasion rather being angry or dismissive of her.

    A friend managed to get a pup back from an unsuitable home where the pup was being fed cat food and left to roam ,by visiting weekly and engaging in conversation until the pwner came round to the idea that returning the pup was best for the puppy.

    Good luck. it must be distressing to know one of your pups is having a miserable life.
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