Guys! I've only just signed up to this MSE Forum malarkey so I'm a little bit lost!

I'm 26 and never had a credit card however I am finding myself in need of an extra £500 next month to cover the rest of a final payment needed to pay off my baloon payment on my car. I don't really know much about balance transfer cards and as much as I google I find myself a bit bamboozled! Am I better to use my £750 over draft (I don't normally touch this) to take the money out of and pay back with the balance transfer or get a normal purchase credit card and use it to purchase my every day spendings equating to the £500 I need in order to put that money towards the payment?
Obviously I would go for a 0% interest for as long as I could get it. (After paying off my final payment I will have an extra £160 a month that I have been paying towards the car so that will pay off the money used). I am aware that I could just use my over draft however I find the thought of so much of my wage being swallowed up in the overdraft for the first couple of months rather stressful!

I am probably sounding really dramatic - I just don't know what the best option is because I don't know enough about it!

Thank you x


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